Wednesday, August 24, 2022


I have been physically busy. I have even been writing but much of it has been going-on-the-shelf because of my inability to hit the right tone.

Your patience is appreciated.


  1. Release no product before it is time...

    There are reasons you wait to finish things, usually good ones.

  2. Here here! Fine wine takes time. The sweet corn tells you when its ready, not the other way 'round.

  3. Yeah I could probably stand to do a little of that too, maybe…

  4. Take your time. We will still be here.

  5. ive been thinking about making peach jam.

  6. A while ago you had a post about the stolen election. Ther is a picture of two people putting up large white poster boards to cover up the cheating on election night when the stopped counting the votes.
    They put the poster boards up to block the observers.
    I read the one is the president of the IBEW union .
    That may be idea for a post.


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