Monday, August 15, 2022

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  1. Yep. I have seen a few of the chattering skulls signalling their virtue to hit the keyboard and condemn the knife attack on Salimine Rushdie awhile back. Boris Johnson was outraged and a poaster replied that he had people arrested for tweets he didn't like.
    Justin Turdo was offended, and some chit poaster reminded him that he wanted vaccine-deniers locked up, deplatformed and their savings stolen.

    Pajama Boy looks like Trudeau with glasses. I wonder if they are related...

  2. As has been said for years (decades), “Islam is political totalitarianism masquerading as a religion, Marxism is a religion masquerading as a political totalitarianism”. Now why do you think they get on so well together?

    You’d expect them to ‘both’ speak out about how the ‘other’ is so great … but no muslim is so naive or stupid to do so (The left ‘believes’ it’s using the muslims, the muslims ‘know’ they’re using the leftists). Which just goes to show that leftism really is a mental illness - and a suicidal one at that. The only problem is that they want to take the rest of us with them.

    [Oh, and I have grown to detest the leftist acceptance that islam means peace, it means submission - to islam, or death, the peace of the grave].

  3. Islam = Convert to our religion or we will kill you.
    Marxism = Convert to our religion or we will kill you.

    Variations between the two in terms of customs, ethnicity, dress, etc are merely distinctions without a difference.


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