Monday, August 8, 2022

Eli Lilly revisited. What they were saying in April

This is what David Ricks, Eli Lilly Chief Executive Officer said about the State of Indiana back in April during a speech to the Economic Club of Indiana.

"...almost a third of traditional jobs will be replaced in favor of positions heavy on math and science...only a third of Indiana high school students pass the state’s standardized math test, and only 20% go on to earn a bachelor’s degree." 

"The ability to reskill the workforce, I think, could improve"

"...Indiana needs to have a more healthy care costs are too high and that is making Indiana less attractive to other employers."

"...outcomes on all of these dimensions for black and brown communities are worse and we should do something to affect that."

The last paragraph of the article informs us that most of Eli Lilly's job growth in the two years before April (before the vote on abortion) was already outside of Indiana.

Lilly executives have not said they would move the headquarters out of Indianapolis, but they have invested billions of dollars in the last two years in research and manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Boston, and Ireland.

Draw your own conclusions.

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