Thursday, August 11, 2022



Starting upper-right corner and moving clockwise, pears, zucchini, bowl of sweet peppers, broccoli and a few tomatoes

A "Tee" bud

Another "Tee" bud on the same tree

My vote for Michigan's best salesperson

I can only image the talent required to rent ice to people in Michigan.

Much of the year you can harvest all you want for free.

The weather-guessers predict almost perfect weather: Highs in the seventies and lows in the fifties. Great weather for camping. We still need rain although folks to the north and south of us are in better shape.

High viz shirts

I took Mrs ERJ to a doctor's appt yesterday at 4:00 yesterday.

On the way home we saw an older woman on a bicycle fall. She was moving very slowly and she jogged a little bit to avoid a turning vehicle at the corner of Forest and Aurelius road in Lansing. Her front wheel hit the curb and down she went.

Traffic was moderately heavy as it was 5:00 PM on a weekday.

Her companion, another older woman but with small stature was unable to get her back up.

Since we were at a corner, I put the minivan in park, flipped on the hazard lights, opened the door, looked both ways and scooted across the Forest road.

She said she was fine but she had artificial knees and just needed a hand.

Even though I have my own mobility issues, I had plenty of physical strength to help her lever herself off the ground. In fact, I was worried that I would hurt her as I felt her joints snap, crackle and pop as I steadied her one arm.

Gimping back to the van I thought..."Man, that was stupid. City street, gray clothing...what was I thinking?" There were three vehicles stacked up behind the van by the time I got the woman steady on her feet.

Mrs ERJ agreed that given my history it would not hurt me to wear a high-viz shirt every time we went into a town/city the size of Lansing.


  1. You dont have to wear a hi-viz construction vest, but maybe Hawaiian print over-shirts, it would have other benwfits as well

  2. Give me a PO Box or addy and I'll send you one for each vehicle. email STxAR at poppa mike circular solid black spot me

    1. Thank-you for your generous offer, sir.

      I will send an email but I have plenty of shirts. I just didn't envision a reason to wear one while I drove Miss Daisy to her Drs appt,

      Now I know.

    2. It makes me uncomfortable to point this out since you were doing a good deed. Didn't you post in "things overheard at the reunion", dashed across lanes of traffic to get a "Frosty" and didn't make it

    3. If I pretended to be perfect, this blog would not be interesting.

      Helping is a Pavlovian reaction on my part.

      M-53 is seven lanes of traffic. Forest is two-lanes.

      I did get a hug from the I did get compensated.

    4. (you had to see this one coming)Tell me you didn't salivate on that poor little old granny

  3. May be a dollar shop hi-viz in the glove box or door pocket would be a good idea that way when you get out you could forget it like we all do,

    1. There are good reasons that many industries require them.
      France requires drivers to carry them for situations like this.
      The MASSIVE protests over there are called Yellow Vests because of these.

    2. I saw that on the internet, odd thing is here in the UK it was not on the news much.

  4. Hi-viz makes for a great target. Drivers tend to run into things they are looking at. That's why so many cop traffic stops (think flashing lights) get run into.

    You sure you're getting along with the missus?

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