Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Move your thinking "up-stream"


"Fish-bone" diagrams used to be a staple of 1980's problem solving. Fish-bones, or more formally "Ishikawa diagrams" were used to brainstorm backwards to identify "control variables".

Consider the trivial problem of adjusting the temperature of your shower in a motel. You are not familiar with the characteristics of the shower controls so you have to play with it.

You have to noodle out the sensitivities of the knobs. You also have to gather data regarding the time required for the hot water from the heater to make it to the faucet. Then you have to play around with the knob(s) to determine how long it takes for the "adjustment" to be felt at the shower-head. Finally, there is likely to be temperature drift as the pipes heat up.

Key Point: We don't "adjust the water temperature" we "adjust the position of knobs" and the water temperature changes.

Where do the puppeteers live?

Lori Lightfoot, Eric Adams, Occasional-Cortex and Joe Biden are not the puppeteers.

Inconveniencing Lightfoot, Adams et al will not "control" the outcomes although vexing them can be entertaining and might dilute the impact of the cold water.

The puppeteers, for the most part, crave the safety of anonymity. They stay behind the curtain and pull the strings.

What is certain is that their brown-nosing tools LOVE to be close to the richest puppeteers and only the most loyal and productive tools are allowed to be close. The bee-keeper finds the hidden beehive by following the foraging bees back to it.

The tools are Nancy and Hillary and Obama and others of their ilk. They are not the pressure points. They are the worker-bees who lead us to the queen, the strings that lead back to the puppet-masters.

Those are the neighborhoods that need to be flooded with illegal, unemployed immigrants. Not the neighborhoods filled with working-stiffs but the posh (and not-so-posh) enclaves of the string-pullers.

Not-so-posh because many of those string-pullers are lifer, impossible-to-fire bureaucrats rooted in the Deep State.


  1. As egregious as it sounds, I have come to the conclusion this situation will not end peacefully. Not even a little bit.
    The population statistics bandied about will be achieved, not by enemy action, but by our own. As you say, the string pullers know exactly what they are doing. They don't have to kill us, merely create the conditions and we will do it ourselves.

  2. We can only guess who is on the committee of Marxist puppeteers behind Biden who are actually running things and making all the decisions. Obama? Valerie Jarrett? Susan Rice? John Podesta? Human Abedin And is there yet another level of puppet masters behind them? George Soros? Klaus Schwab?

    Biden himself makes NO decisions. The puppets behind him, and the puppet masters behind them are calling all the shots. And so far, every decision they have made has been for the deliberate purpose of destroying our economy and our way of life.

    If we are to survive as a nation and a people, our side must discover who the puppets and the puppet masters are, and destroy them.

  3. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  4. The strings pass through multiple levels but ultimately lead back to people like Gates, Soros, Schwab, the Rothschild's etc. As long as those people are beyond accountability our lives will suck. Taking out the middle managers like Valerie Jarrett is merely an inconvenience to those truly running things.

    1. Agreed. Would LOVE to see a long range rifle expert decide they had nothing left to lose.

    2. And many of them live on large secluded estates with heavy security for that very reason.

    3. People like Soros and Gates have security arrangements that rival the SS detail protecting the POTUS. Getting to them is simply not feasible unless you have major resources. People with those types of resources will be on the same side.

  5. It’s … complicated.

    Much like the assumption that “Big Oil”, or “Big Gun” has some undue advantage, the reality is that all those ‘anti’ NGO’s and Charities (directly funded by government) and government itself have resources and budgets that dwarf what any mere company can ever free from the cost/profit cycle.

    Whilst those cited corruptocrats ‘are’ merely (bought and paid for) tools, they also wield the kinds of power and budgets that would make even the wealthiest oligarch sweaty with jealousy (What’s the annual budget for fripperies and PC causes in Chicago? Let alone what amounts Obama and Killary steered to ‘worthy causes’).

    They are all both petty, insignificant cogs, and vital access points to unlimited power and wealth (not to mention vital layers of protection) for those behind the scenes manipulators. ‘Taking them out’ massively reduces the impact, and harm, those faceless Svengali’s can impose (and is morally/ethically worthwhile it in its own right).

    Within combat circles there are two real approaches (once direct conflict has begun) – decapitation, and disarming (de-fanging the snake). Both work, but when the primary target, ‘the head’ or controlling aspect, is too well protected (or unidentifiable) disarming them becomes, not only the only option, but vitally important to limiting the damage ‘you’ experience.

    So? It would be nice if ‘we’ could reveal and ‘censure’ the puppeteers directly, but is apparently impossible at this (not yet at open warfare) point [Sigh!]. Removing the enabling ’minions’ is, however, eminently doable (will seriously limit the puppeteer, and is the work of angels in and of itself).

    The “impossible-to-fire bureaucrats” are, to an extent, proof of Pournelle’s “Iron Law”, Conquest’s “Three Laws” and simple “regulatory capture” (every agency you care to mention is now actually run by/for the people it was originally set up to monitor/restrict/punish). The quotas and preferences (at every stage of their employment), as well as their ‘tribal’ inclinations (employ, encourage and promote only ‘people like us’) have effectively ensured they are all (from the Secretary down to the janitor), not just singing-from-the-same-hymn-sheet, but are ‘the enemy’.

    The ‘relocation’ to Washington and NYC of illegals may be the single most important, and effective, action ever taken in this non-declared war so far. It would be nice if, as you say, they could be targetted a little closer to their base, but as with hand-grenades, illegals are an ‘area effect’ weapon, and they’ll be ‘upsetting’ the faceless mandarins being placed just close enough as it is (and it’s so much fun to watch!).


  7. One need not take out the puppeteer. All that is needed is to cut the strings, isolate him from his puppets. That includes taking out the puppets. Yes, there are plenty of others willing to step in as new puppets. Take them out too. Meanwhile, create and use a mechanism to disfavor becoming a puppet.

    A two prong attack:
    Physical disruption
    Psychological manipulation


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