Wednesday, August 3, 2022

High-end Educational toys

If you have been following the blog you realize that I am a new grandpaw as-of late May.

This evening I am enjoying videos from a mother in Ukraine and I am really enjoying her balance of personal involvement and letting the kids figure things out.

Rather than editorialize, I want to teleport you into the middle of one of her youtube videos where her kids are interacting with very high-end, educational toys. If the US is slipping behind, it is because our kids either don't have access to these sophisticated educational aids or are prevented from using them.

If you choose to pop the video open, notice the degree of engagement and the team-work. Also notice the adapt-improvise-overcome cycle.



  1. Looks like our grandsons and their cousins playing outside. We don't need no stiiinking high tech!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, it was way more 'magic' discovering the outside with experience. Many kids nowadays would rather stay inside and play with electronics. They are missing a lot.

  3. The kids I rented the ranch home to brought all 5 of their kids down to the river to go swimming today while I was deep tilling the valley garden for a fall/winter planting . They found shad minnows , rock bass , frogs , and fresh water clams all while screaming , laughing , and pondering Gawd's Creation . It was a beautiful but too short of a reminder that He is still in control .The shouting , crying , and laughter was like a refreshing summer rain to my old heart . It's been too long since I've had babies on the homestead .

  4. Catching crawdads, bull frogs, tadpoles and garter snakes was great fun.


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