Friday, August 19, 2022

Southern Belle: Mid-visit review


Humor: 90 second run-time

Southern Belle booked her ticket home for the end of the month. That means we are about halfway through her stay and it is appropriate to comment on how it is going.

The positive

She cleans like the proverbial "white tornado". She does a load of dishes and vacuums all of our carpeted floors at least once a day. In fact, that is one of my few complaints. My coffee-cup disappears from where I put it down last.

She is cheerful and snatches Quicksilver out of my hands when she needs her diaper changed.

Since she is breast-feeding and it takes time to do so, she has slowed down a little bit. I thought I would need a list of places to go and things to see but she is now much more of a home-body. It has been a very peaceful and relaxing visit.

She helps keep me on-track for my Physical Therapy homework. She is taking three classes at the gym because she wants to regain her pre-pregancy figure and she drags me along.

She helps pick pears and zucchini and tomatoes and broccoli and....

The negative

I still don't trust her to make my coffee because she has a sense of humor and you never know.


  1. I’ve tasted breast milk ( my own, weird, I know) and it’s good. It’s sweet!

  2. Sounds more like a Super-Belle!

  3. Wonder where that sense of humor came from ... Roger


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