Friday, August 26, 2022

Fake News Friday: Hillary Clinton crushed by Kardashian

Hillary Clinton, a woman often touted by Social Justice Warriors for her keen, legal mind was trounced on a quiz of legal knowledge by Kim Kardashian by a margin of almost 3:1. It should be noted that the venue favored Clinton and she still could not beat Trump Kardashian.

Picture of Kardashian and some guy

In TOTALLY unrelated news, Chelsea Clinton removed Kardashian's ex-husband's music from her play list. That will show her!

Oh! Wait! That is not fake news.

So sorry.


  1. Sounds like the venue forgot to take into account that the laws don't apply to Hillary like they do to everybody else. If the quiz was on "laws that apply to me" vs "laws that the poor class have to follow" the result would have likely been different.

  2. In my former life I actually met 'her' (within certain circles, especially the military, that was sufficient an identifier) post an op (a thrilling experience enlivened by her only not being shot by one of my men because of the presence of armed SS). The consensus view was that she wasn't even vaguely intelligent, or even well educated, what she was was cunning, amoral, utterly vindictive, and ruthlessly vicious - her picture sitting directly above the dictionary definitions of malignant narcissist and sociopath. If she hadn't married into 'that' family she'd have been a resident of a secure mental facility, or have 'ridden the lightning' by now

    Oh, and for the record, I don't even feel vaguely suicidal.

  3. HRC flunked the DC bar exam.

  4. Killary might have been smart enough for law school 50-old years ago but all that Chardonnay has taken a toll.

  5. Ms Kardashian is currently enrolled in law school. No joke, it's true.


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