Monday, August 15, 2022

French Toast and Sausage

We had French toast and sausage for our big meal yesterday.

It is a frugal and filling meal.

About one egg per diner, a splash of milk, bread (stale or fresh). A bit of nutmeg and vanilla in the mix. A spoonful of sugar if you want it to brown well.

I plan about a 1/4 pound of breakfast sausage per diner.

Taste vary with regard to "sweetener" for the French toast. I like dipping mine into homemade applesauce (made from home-grown apples) before popping it into my mouth. Southern Belle liked dusting hers with cinnamon sugar. Mrs ERJ opted for maple syrup boiled by a neighbor. All frugal choices.


  1. As long as you're making food at home and eating one meal a day, you're going to be fairly frugal. Whether it's one potato, one onion and a hot dog ("poor man's breakfast" off of the youtube channel for depression-era cooking) or a steak. First will be less than a dollar per person, second will be less than 10 dollars per person. Both far better than going to a restaurant. I tell my kids "restaurants and bars are places where you trade hard earned money for something you're going to flush down the toilet in a few hours."

  2. I use honey instead of syrup. Delicious and nutritious.

  3. I make it regularly here. We top it with a dab of butter and maple syrup. I use egg, milk, salt & pepper, and a little cinnamon in the mix.
    I’d say say 90% of our meals are simple. Kielbasa, hamburg, beans and hot dogs; mashed potatoes, egg noodles, rice; chicken and gravy with garlic is one of the few non-simple, but even that’s pretty easy.

  4. I like peanut butter and honey on my French toast.

    As far as easy meals, last night it was American Goulash with a pound of ground chuck, a chopped onion, a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic, two cans of stewed tomatoes and a 16 oz box of elbow macaroni noodles. That's three days worth of meals for the wife and I. (Supper)

  5. Having a passle of chickens we eat breakfast quite often for our evening meal. French toast is a good one before that bread goes moldy.

  6. Peanut butter and sorghum or molasses. It's in my dna I guess. Sweeter stuff isn't my first choice.

  7. As someone who visited so often I even had an apartment in the 14th Arrondissement (though not for a while, I'm not suicidal. I felt safer in most of the third-world than I do now in Paris) ... "French" toast isn't really French (and I've never even seen it on a menu, even as pain perdu, let alone eaten there) - Roman I believe.

    I've seen it in Germany (pafese) and England (eggy-bread, bombay toast or poor knights), but the only place it is actually common is ... America.

    So, you may as well call it American toast.

    (I'm, showing my upbringing I suspect, more inclined to having fried-bread, in lard, with my breakfast Cumberland sausages, and black-pudding).

  8. Among our circle, including our kids, we are the only ones who enjoy eating enough to do our own cooking. The rest mostly either grab something quick or make a practice of dining in restaurants. I guess they hate the cooking process and cleanup that follows.

    But when I dine out for protracted periods, I swear I feel worse. Too much salt, too much processed food. And when processed food is prepared in a factory, a sh*t-ton of chemicals are added to the product, to stabilize it long enough to reach your mouth. Plus all the extenders and enhancers to make up for the industrial-grade ingredients, so that it still tastes something like food.

    And of course there are other enhancers that work to make it hyper-palatable, super-tasting - but in an artificial way. No wonder obesity is a problem affecting nearly half of our population. You're eating a product that is designed to manage your food retailer's inventory issues.

    You're miles better off making it fresh, yourself.

  9. Granted that Aldi's was running a loss leader but eggs are up from .29 to $3.00 in a little over a year. Almost 1000% increase.

  10. We used to buy eggs in a 30 pack for between 3.89-4.00 depending on the week at a local market. That same pack was over $10 last week. Best deal we’ve gotten recently is an 18 pack at Walmart for the equivalent of 2.77/dozen. One of the families on my propane route has chickens. Going to ask him if he sells eggs the next time I go there.

    We eat a lot of French toast as well. The misses uses vanilla in it. She makes multiple batches at once and we freeze it for quick, easy meals.


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