Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Thanks to all the readers

A special thanks to all of the readers who commented regarding washing machines.

Mrs ERJ has always been a very-low-maintenance person. She never asked for her own .460 Weatherby Mark-V, Ultra-Grade in Circassian Walnut. She never asked for a brace of Wilson Combat 1911s nor a matched set of BMWs or a Lamborghini.

She isn't into bling or tatts or fancy face-paint. Her clothing budget for the year is less than most people spend to send their fifth-grader back to school.

So when she said "It is the washing machine. We need a different one." I listened.

She was perfectly willing to shop for a used one, but good used ones are scarce right now.

Mrs ERJ read the comments. She asked if a Speed Queen could be shoe-horned into the budget.

It will be delivered Thursday. I have been informed that chocolate-chip cookies will be waiting for the guys who will be delivering and installing it.

Quicksilver update

Last night was the first night Quicksilver was "fussy". So far she has been an incredibly "easy" baby.

Southern Belle made a slight adjustment to the nightly routine and Quicksilver (at 2-1/2 months of age) objected.

Southern Belle had been giving Quicksilver a bath every night. SB decided to skip the bath because QS's skin was looking just a bit dry.

Zeus our eight-year-old German Shepherd was beside himself as Quicksilver squawked. He reminded me of an old bachelor becoming frantic while babysitting a niece. Zeus was radiating anxiety. This really is his first rodeo with babies.

Southern Belle blinked first. I think she was moved by compassion for Zeus.

SB gave Quicksilver her bath in plain water and used no soap.

Predictably, Quicksilver was out like a light afterward and everybody was happy.


  1. Speed Queen was the way we went. The Mrs. was happy.

  2. Thank goodness your clan can diagnose and repair problems with babies.

    And good on Zeus for caring!

  3. The only reservation I have on the Speed Queen is its tub size, significantly smaller than the tub we have now.

    As for baths, my granddaughter (3 months) has a nightly bath that is part of the ritual of going to bed. Once she is having the bath, she knows bedtime is next. Routines are important.

  4. our speed queen is 14+ years old and still works great

  5. Dear Sarah:

    That is fantastic.

    I am incarcerated for a crime I absolutely did not do. I would never bludgeon my two wives to death with a 20 ounce, ball-peen hammer. All my friends know that I favor 32 ounce framing hammers.

    I really need a friend and I can tell by your comments that you are a caring and empathetic person and I would like it very much if you mailed me, Nikolas Dostoyevsky at Tobolsk Penitentiary.

    I anxiously await your reply.

    Send money.

    Your very own Nikki


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