Sunday, August 21, 2022

Pancakes or waffles? Bacon or sausage?

 I conducted a small poll after Mass this morning.

I had approximately 40 people respond. 

Three-to-one in favor of waffles and the same for bacon over sausage.

Among the comments:

  • "I can put more fruit on my waffles than I can pancakes"
  • "I don't like cleaning the waffle iron"
  • "I have a griddle and can cook pancakes for the family faster than make enough waffles."
  • "No bad choices, there."
  • "Just for taste: Bacon. Most food for the buck: Sausage. Depends on who is buying."

I think the speed-of-cooking favors sausage over bacon.

My take-home is that "favorite" might change depending on if you are simply dining, cooking, cleaning or paying the tab or some combination of the above.

Sadly, none of the people I polled invited me out for breakfast.


  1. What kind of sausage ? Ground sausage, or Mexican chorizo (cho-ree-zoe) ? Both of them are darn tasty, though not so great for the arteries in long term ...

    I prefer waffles myself. Fill the waffle cells with syrup, preventing it from running over to the plate like pancakes. Both are darn good though, I won't turn either down. Waffle irons are a bit onerous to clean.

  2. I agree with the comment about cooking pancakes much faster than cooking waffles.
    I also agree that that the toppings are held much better in waffles than on pancakes.
    Our waffle iron makes one Belgian waffle in four minutes.
    Making enough for a group would require a vastly larger number of waffle irons, and a very likely electrical overload.

    As far as the bacon or sausage, I suggest replacing "or" with "and".

    Yesterday we had corn pancakes.
    That is regular batter mixed with some canned whole kernel corn that has been drained, and the topping we like the best is actual maple syrup.

    It's just my wife and I so we don't have to be a good role model for healthy eating.
    That means that one of our favorite waffle toppings is a scattering of mini chocolate chips, and then a drizzle of melted peanut butter.
    Wait! There's more! We make red raspberry syrup from our berries, and the final touch is an artistic swirl of red raspberry syrup.

    1. I've been an advocate of peanut butter on waffles, pancakes and french toast since I was a kid in the early 60's.


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