Tuesday, August 30, 2022



78 degrees F in the shade at the end of the walk.

10 mile per hour breeze.

20% of the route was shaded.

Initial load-out. It was not enough liquid. I swung through a party store that was near my route to add one more bottle.

About 16 ounces or 1/2 liter of liquid per hour or a total of about 77 ounces.

9 miles in five hours and five minutes.

I was hit on April 30, so it has been four months by the calendar since my leg was broken.

Two motorists stopped and chatted with me as I walked. That was unusual.

Two-of-three dogs I encountered took a distinct dislike to me. Small sample size but I think my lurching gait puts them on edge. Something to keep in the back of my head.

In my nine miles of walking I saw 4 corn fields and one of them will not be worth harvesting due to poor yield. There will be very little corn harvested in my little corner of Michigan this year.

I like the composition of this image. This is the Eaton Township hall.

I got sprinkled on. Five hours in the weather means you might encounter a little bit of....weather

Turtles sunning on a rock in a pond.

A recliner somebody pitched into a swamp.

Leather! There are people who recover books who would love to recycle this

What is not to like about a blonde with freckles? C.W., eat your heart out. Yellow Jewelweed (Impatiens pallida)

This plant is an honest 5' tall.

Horses in adjacent paddocks racing

A murder of crows. You may need to click to embiggen the picture to where you can see the crows flying.

The first acorns are starting to drop.
I established that I can walk 9 miles. Now I need to work on speed and payload.


  1. Replies
    1. Last year was an "on" year for mast. We have a lot of squirrels and they are cutting them down. It must be easier to chew through the branch and harvest on the ground rather than crawl out to the end of the twig.

      Also, we had some heavy winds the last few nights. That may have contributed.

  2. This was the on year for the 48 pecan trees I harvest.
    Maybe 10 have nuts and 3 of that have a normal crop, perfect storm forming.

  3. Back when I was riding the bicycle regularly (Cannondale hybrid), the distance I could go was limited by how much water I could carry (routinely carried 4 liters plus a 3 liter Camelbak). I was getting about 9 miles per liter (moving through air at 17-18MPH keeps you cool but dries you out much faster than walking). Quite a few times I changed my route because I knew there was a good water source for refills.


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