Monday, August 8, 2022

A victory...modest but significant

The dazzlingly gorgeous Mrs ERJ and I finally succeeded in completing our standard, three-mile walk. Our first attempt was cut short by thunderstorms. It took about 1:45 hours so that was just a bit slower than two miles-per-hour. 

The road has ups-and-downs and the dirt road has a pronounced crown in places. Between my PT "homework" and my for-fun walk with Mrs ERJ I logged four miles today.

By the simple expedient of doing a toe-lift with just my left foot on the bathroom scale, I deduced that my left foot is capable of lifting 120 pounds. Functionally, I weigh 200 pounds and I need to be able to carry 50 pounds up the stairs so I need to be able to toe-lift at LEAST 250 pounds with my left I am not quite half-way to where I need to be.

Southern Belle and Quicksilver

Southern Belle, Handsome Hombre and Quicksilver were at the family reunion. HH recently started a new job and needs to impress his boss with his diligence and dedication so he flew back to southern Florida Sunday night.

Southern Belle has the option of working remotely so she is staying with us for a bit longer.

Southern Belle likes to stay busy. She went with me to the gym this morning and signed up for three classes (!). Southern Belle was very impressed by how economical everything was. As a member of our family it only cost $10 for her to sign up for a month AND Quicksilver can stay in the child-care section while SB works-out for a whopping $20 a month. That is obscenely inexpensive.

My job will be to push Quicksilver around the walking track while SB is in one of her classes. Then, after I get pooped out I can park Quicksilver in day-care.

Needless to say, I was a huge hit with the women also walking around the track. I went from the anonymous guy with the wrapped-up leg that the nonagenarians were passing like I was standing still to somebody worth chatting with.

Garden update

Weeds are growing very well but the watermelons are putting up a good fight and outrunning most of them. We picked a half-dozen zucchini today. The broccoli got ahead of us over the weekend. I need to cut it even if I toss the flowering heads on the ground. Something is eating nearly all of the fruit on our cherry tomatoes. The fruit on our St Paul grapes are coloring.

My memories of tomatoes is that September was always our biggest month for harvesting tomatoes. I had a late start to the garden due to the accident and remain hopeful that we will get a significant crop. I still want to dehydrate tomatoes.

The series of thunderstorms that went through over the last few days probably stimulated cambium growth on fruit trees so the next few days (in Eaton County) are good days to make a few "T" buds if you have any trees you want to propagate. I have my eye on a few volunteer pear seedlings (Bradford flowering pear or P. calleryana) growing in public places that might get the treatment.

Bumper stickers

I did not get a photo. Sorry. Seen in Lake Odessa, Michigan.

BLM: Boys Love MILFS

I think MILFS have something to do with Military Food Services but I am not totally sure.

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  1. Kill the @#%$#% Bradford pear with a flamethrower! Those damned things have literally killed the pear trees down here due to their non-pollination routine.


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