Thursday, May 19, 2022

I started Physical Therapy today

They are starting me out simple. Some knee motions to re-establish range of motion.

The ankle exercises are more complicated because ankles essentially function like ball joints. I replicated them here to the best of my ability. Basically, I am supposed to trace out the following simple shapes with my left big toe while keeping the leg above my ankle stationary.

My therapist determined this was the optimum pattern for me to follow.

If this helps one reader gain confidence and capability as they recover, I will be gratified.

Remember, the most important thing about Physical Therapy is to just do it. Find a way to motivate yourself.


  1. Anyone else read that as "Let's go Brandon!" ???

  2. Keep up the good work - and hoping that your recovery goes well. The "small favor" is that neither your ankle nor foot were involved.

  3. When I exercise my ankles I just grab them and lean forward. But that's the way I roll.


  5. Excellent enhancement of your PT program! PT when run by someone who knows what they're doing is rather awesome, stick with it.

  6. That looks like torture on steroids. But pain is weakness leaving the body, so full speed ahead! I'm praying for you brother.