Tuesday, May 10, 2022

ERJ Product Recommendation


I have a very jaundiced view of things like exercise videos.

In my current situation, I can see their utility. Obviously, I have to pick-and-choose and leave out the parts that would flex my broken leg like a fly-rod. Even leaving those parts out there are many things I can do on this video and slow the slide in capability in my non-injured parts.

I watched this video and it did not suck too badly. He does everything in a better-than-average way and he is as eagerly enthusiastic as a Springer Spaniel pup.

Hat-tip to Mrs ERJ who found this video for me.


  1. Video is showing as unavailable.

    1. I see that. The content owner wants to force people to Youtube to view it to drive up his nickle count.

  2. The physical therapy is very important. Even though I had the broke hip, they still had me moving that leg up and down and sideways. (I didn't have a cast, just a six inch scar where the doc went in to put the screws to me.)