Saturday, May 21, 2022

A belated but heartfelt "Thank-you"

This is a belated but heartfelt thank-you to Richard in Durham, Ct who sent me a treasure-trove of books and small musical instruments.

Nothing can match the heft of a good book for transporting me to distant places and other times. It is similar to my not being able to do math unless I have a pad of paper in front of me and a pencil in my hand.

One of my good friends from high school married an Italian girl. Her teacher learned that Jan was rendered mute after the teacher directed her to sit on her hands. The third-grade teacher learned this when alarmed by the expansive hand and arm motions endangered students sitting nearby, the teacher told her to sit on her hands and Jan was rendered speechless.

Again, thanks a million!!!


  1. I read the 1632 series (what was available then) many years ago, that picture reminded me of it. I am happy to see there are many new books in that shared universe now, I've added some great stuff to my reading list!

  2. 1632 is a tremendous read. Not just a ripping good yarn but a thought experiment that stays with you. I predict you will like it. The author, amazingly to my mind, strongly identifies with the left side of the political spectrum yet he wrote a story of individual and community responsibility that argues the validity of the American Experiment. Highly recommended.