Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday funny with commentary


Having purchased a box of rare and incredibly expensive cigars, a North Carolina man had the collection insured against—of all things—fire.

Within a month, having smoked the entire stockpile and without making a single premium payment on the policy, the man filed a claim against the insurance company.

The man claimed that he had lost the cigars in "a series of small fires." When the insurer balked at paying, noting that the cigars had been consumed normally, the man sued and won!

The judge ruled that the company had to cover the loss, because it had deemed the cigars insurable and had not defined what it considered to be an “unacceptable fire.” Rather than appeal, the company paid the man $24,000 for his loss in "the fires."

After the man cashed his check, however, the insurer had him arrested. The charge: 24 counts of arson! With his own insurance claim and the man's own, sworn testimony from the previous case used as evidence, the man was convicted of igniting and burning insured property with the intention of claiming insurance benefits and was sentenced to 24 consecutive one-year terms.

This is a funny story that seems to capture what our leadership is doing with our culture and economy.

They are rapidly squandering any possibility of a soft-landing on this leg down. And then they will have the chutzpah to claim "It is a good thing we propped up our favorite institutions at the expense of the little-people or it would have been much worse" or they will point to Trump and say "Good thing we had Biden running the show. It would have been a 100 times worse if the Orange Terror had been at the helm".

Corrections of various sorts are inevitable. And while they cannot be managed in detail, they can be guided like a herd of stampeding cattle. They can be guided away from densely populated areas into cacti and deep sand where they can dissipate their energy at their own pace with minimum harm to cattle, humans and structures.

Having lived through a few economic downturns, it is my belief that we are likely to face several legs downward. Prices of stocks might seem to bottom-out for a while, new money will enter the market only to watch the market puke again.

The same may be true culturally. If you are a conservative, Trump was a pause in the relentless, Leftist strangulation of our culture.

Stay away from crowds. Keep your family close and your powder dry. Test everything. Keep what is good.


  1. ERJ - Of all the news I pay attention to now, it is the economic. In my opinion, there is no way that we can escape the economic issues that are coming - and have been, if anything, accelerated by the current administration. I have seen a few downturns as well; I suspect this one will be epic.

  2. That's a Brad Paisley song right? The Cigar Song.

  3. ERJ, We are witnessing the results of a nation that has turned it's back on God. The Bible is full of examples in times past. Using this history as a guide the outcome is predictable. If things are rough now, hang on, they're about to get rougher. Wise words to keep loved ones close and the powder dry. Keep praying for wisdom in dealing with what is to come. God protects His own.

    1. And sometimes He let's them be martyred.

    2. But we know who wins in the end Ed.