Thursday, May 12, 2022

From an email I received last night

From an email I received last night. Reprinted with permission

(Regarding the fact that Mrs ERJ values the Lansing house because I cannot look out the window and see things in the garden and pasture that "need" fixing...) Granted, my leg wasn't broken, but less than a week post knee-replacement, I was 'braving' the deep mud/muck in the feedlot to reset a post and rehang a gate that the cows had crashed through, to get in to hay, almost running over "M" (his wife) in the process. 

Then, a week later, we were pulling a big dead calf out of  a heifer... I luxated the patella on my 'good' knee, and was rolling around on the ground screaming in agony. .  M asked if I was OK... I said yeah, so she said "get  your butt back up here and help get this calf out!"  We ended up having to do a fetotomy, but the heifer did survive... but didn't breed back.  And I survived, too.

Mrs ERJ is a wise woman.

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