Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Using filters to maintain photo security

The Daily Mail recently posted an article showing how heavily "influencers" filter and Photoshop their public images.

A couple of images follow. The left side of the image shows what the public is allowed to see and the right side shows an unfiltered version of the influencer.


I bet the one on the right makes outstanding carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies.
How about another picture

Nice looking Russian girl on the right.  I wonder what the one on the left has been doing with her hands. Maybe she gardens?

Belladonna makes all kinds of disparaging comments about "Boomer's" aversion to technology.

I decided to surprise her and post a filtered picture of Eaton Rapids Joe.

Sometimes old-tech works best.

Bonus pickle picture. I plan to let the pickles ferment in the basement for three days before canning them. By soaking in brine over night and chunking, I can pack enough into the quart jars so I only need 1 cup of pickle juice. That means the jar is 3/4 pickles and 1/4 juice.


  1. Bet the filtered picture yielded an Olympic class eye roll.

  2. Well, you have more hair than I do.


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