Thursday, July 16, 2020

Is Biden a Communist?

I had a chance to spend some time with Southern Belle today.

Southern Belle works in the Miami-Dade region of Florida.

I asked her what she thought of Biden's chances of carrying Florida.

She informed me that a huge part of how that plays out hinges on whether the citizens of the great state of Florida see Biden as a Trojan Horse for the Communists.

Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and the Sandinistas hopelessly polluted the "communist/socialist" brand, at least in the eyes of Floridians.

If Biden is seen as a brainless puppet and the presumed puppet-masters are Socialists, there is not a snowball's chance in Hades of Biden winning Florida.

If Biden is seen as a spunky politician who is mentally agile and beholding to no man (or woman) then he will win.

Is Biden a Communist?
The Democratic Establishment shafted Bernie Sanders, again.

The Establishment saw Biden as more salable and more tractable than Sanders.

But to keep Sanders' followers in the party, the Establishment had to make promises. Some are public. Others are not.

Let's look at some of the public promises.

  • Two years of FREE college education
  • Forgiveness of student debt making the education FREE
  • FREE Child-care for poor
  • Eliminate Charter schools and force kids back into public schools or pay out-of-pocket for private schools -Source

  • Biden worked to defeat amendments which would have protected members of the military and those who are pushed into bankruptcy by medical debt. - Source
  • Biden's campaign unveiled a $1.7 trillion climate policy plan aiming to eliminate U.S. net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. -Source

Biden is a staunch supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Former vice president Joe Biden’s $4 trillion tax plan would raises taxes on higher income households both in life and at death, according to analysis by the Tax Policy Center. (Note: Biden Wikipedia page is completely silent on his plan to raise taxes) Source

According to Jonathan Chait

Biden was ... was asking them (the wealthy) to take a hit to their after-tax income in return for buying social peace, but that the sacrifice would be finite — he would not confiscate their homes or end their livelihoods. Indeed, last week the Tax Policy Center published its analysis of Biden’s plan to increase taxes on the rich. The plan would raise $4 trillion over a decade, making it — if enacted — one of the largest wealth transfers in American history.

Since that was written in March, Biden's policy has been clocking steadily to the left as he courts Bernie Sander's followers.

Biden began issuing a raft of new proposals that move his positions closer to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, with a promise to unveil an even more transformative economic plan this summer.  Source

The word "transformative" is one of those Progressive buzzwords that translates as "Ignores language in the Bill of Rights that prohibits seizure of property without due process".

Is Biden a communist?
It is impossible to say if Joe Biden is a Communist. He is a blank screen and will be anything his handlers tell him to be. If they want him to be a Communist, then he will be a Commie. If they want him to wear hobnailed boots and goose-step, he will wear jack-boots and goose-step.

The point is that voters vote for the candidate and have to guess at what the candidate's handlers will do once they are in office.

With Trump, what you see is what you get. He is a loose cannon and has little restraint when taunting his opponents. He is a bar-room brawler. He uses common language. He clearly values America over some shapeless, "world order". I doubt that will change during a second term.


  1. Replies
    1. My perception is that he is a mindless tool.

      Somewhere, a mind controls the mindless tool. If Florida thinks there is a greater than 25% chance that the mind is "Communist", Biden loses Florida.

  2. The Democrat/Communist party will turn the voter fraud up to eleven this time. In 2016 their margin of fraud was not quite enough to overcome the unanticipated (by them) monster vote for Trump.

    They will not let that happen again. This time they will pull out all the stops. You name it - ballot box stuffing, electronic voting machines with embedded algorithms that flip votes, hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in votes, millions of illegal alien votes, ballot harvesting, and the perennial disenfranchisement of military votes.

    The Democrat/Communists need only flip a few key counties in a handful of battleground states to alter the outcome of the election. I hope and pray that the Trump administration and the Trump campaign truly knows and understands all the ways that the Democrats will cheat, and have a solid PLAN to counter it.

  3. You are a bit naive as regards to the efficacy of ideological belief.It is powerless, and other than a lazy shorthand label for the troops, meaningless- underwear that's changed and discarded when too soiled, Biden is whatever his owners tell him to be. He's a communist in as much as the Soviets were communist: Powerless masses under a tiny dictatorial elite. The future is Feudal.

  4. I'm not voting this year. I'm throwing in the towel. I believe that no matter what happens we'll have a hot civil war starting in the spring of 2021.

  5. I agree with George, the voter fraud is going to be epic. I also agree with Fred, that some sort of hot civil war will start-no matter who wins.

    However, I'm going to vote for Trump. With the amount of fraud I expect, every vote counts. And its easy enough to vote in most states.

    As to Joe, I think someone should arrest the Democrat Party for elder abuse. The poor old fool is clearly in the early to mid stages of some sort of dementia, and should be taken better care of.

  6. He's mentally incompetent. But the Left will say, "Anyone But Trump" and deal with it.


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