Monday, July 20, 2020

About that guy who was shot by a deputy in Eaton County, Michigan

Many of us have been following the story of the lunatic who stabbed a 77 year old clerk at a grocery store near Lansing, Michigan. Later, he was pulled over by an Eaton County deputy. The lunatic attacked the deputy with a knife and a screwdriver.

The deputy did her job. She stopped him.

One of the minor details that is left out of the story is the location of "grocery store" where the lunatic started his rampage.

The grocery store belongs to a local chain of convenience stores called "Quality Dairy".

You can see the Quality Dairy Store on the right side of the image.

Panning back a little farther

I want to call your attention to the fact that the Quality Dairy Store is 1200 feet from the Michigan State Police Headquarters, which for all practical purposes is across the street from the store.

So if a 77 year-old is attacked with a knife right across the street from the Headquarters of most professional policing organization in Michigan and they were not able to interrupt the attack, then how can any thinking person deny that ordinary citizens (who are much farther away from the Michigan State Police Headquarters) need the means to protect themselves?

It is not that I am disparaging the Michigan State Police. How long would it take you, from where you are reading this blog, to jump in your to the end of your driveway...exit your vehicle and then run 60 feet? Two minutes? A minute? 30 seconds?

Did the cop in the video have thirty seconds? I don't think the clerk did either.


  1. Does anybody you have talked to know this guy or know of him? Did he have a history of mental illness? Watching the video, he seems like a mental case who was totally (and violently) off his meds.

    1. I have no information, nor have I looked for it. His family and the deputy are entitled to privacy.

      What you speculate would be my guess but it would only be a guess.

      We can never really know what is going on inside people's heads and we are deluded if we think we can.

  2. There are few cops at the station, they are generally elsewhere on duty or at home or whatever off duty.

  3. Proof of the old adage: "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away..."

  4. "How long would it take you, from where you are reading this blog, to jump in your to the end of your driveway...exit your vehicle and then run 60 feet?"

    In that vein, a funny(?) story...

    I had occasion once in my life to call 911 to report a residential property of mine on fire.

    First, I had to listen to a somewhat lengthy recording on the order of, "Hello, this is 911 emergency. Please don't call us unless this is an actual emergency. We'll get a dispatcher on the line with you shortly. Remember, you call is important to us." (Not a tenth as important as it is to me, but what the hell.)

    Then I had to listen to a recounting of the same lengthy sob story... in Spanish.

    THEN, I had to listen to a recounting of the entire announcement AGAIN... in TTY machine tones for the deaf!

    By that time, I had gotten in my car, driven to the volunteer fire station, and told the fireman in person where the fire was. I never even got to speak to a person at 911.

    Always plan as if you will have to handle business on your own... because you will.


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