Friday, July 3, 2020

Another one bites the dust

This time, the Dean of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts. She made the radical statement "everyone's life matters."

I presume the University of Massachusetts receives funding collected from the citizens of Massachusetts. Therefore it would be entirely appropriate for the legislature to suggest that funding to the School of Medicine will be put into escrow until such time the people responsible for firing the Dean can report to the legislature floor and explain, in front of the Representatives and the TV cameras, exactly whose live's are NOT important.

No, they cannot hand-wave and claim it is "code".

Because if I were to find myself in the care of a University of Massachusetts graduate (or graduates) I would want to know if I fell into any of the categories they had been trained to think of as "disposable".

In fact, I want Michigan to pass a resolution that requires exactly that. That funding be put into escrow until top management reports to Legislature after a public employee is terminated on the grounds that they published a document, public or private, or posted a video where they say "All lives matter" or "Every life matters" or anything similar.

If an employee threatens violence...sure, that is grounds for termination. There is a body of precedent regarding safe workplaces and employer's responsibilities to provide such.

But to extend safe workplaces to include "All lives matter" on the grounds that it might trigger somebody...and therefore creates a "hostile workplace environment" is horse manure. The problem is not the person uttering "All lives matter". The problem is the unhinged person who might be "triggered" by those words.

Because what if you did outlaw those words? What if the unhinged person thinks they heard those words? Perhaps there was background noise and they honestly mistook other words for the dread "All lives matter". Perhaps they imagined they heard the words.

The fantasy in their head does not justify violence; physical or economic.


  1. All black make that ALL PEOPLE- whp are not happy with our country and its history should be SENT TO AFRICA OR CHINA- their choice. THIS SHOULD BE MANDATORY ! One way tickets and passports only.
    The unhappy blacks will know true equality- if they choose Africa, of course, and all others will see a communist/socialist paradise at last. Me- I am very happy here in the fruited plain and will not be going anywhere. Even though THIS YEAR we have FEWER freedoms to celebrate- HAVE A HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !

  2. Take a careful look at the people they are arresting. Look at their mugshots and at the other photos, once their identity is revealed. These are the characters that otherwise normal people are running in terror from.

    We've become a nation led by cowards, so intimidated by social media SJW's that they fall in terror before them. It's easy to see now why Mao's Great Step Forward worked.

    Don't be a coward. Demand the best from your leadership, but also support them when they need it.


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