Sunday, July 26, 2020

Is 26 the new 18?

As nearly everybody knows, Obamacare, also known as Affordable Care Act, requires that working parent's healthcare MUST include children up to age 26 if they have no other insurance.

Before Obamacare, policies varied but it was typical to carry children up to age 21 provided they were enrolled full-time in an accredited university. If you weren't in college, well, tough bananas.

The reason given for forcing carriers to include kids up to age 26 was that Progressives believe that "it is really hard" to shop for and pay for health insurance.

However, they don't seem to think it is not too hard for their parents or for young adults age 26 and above to shop for, or pay for.

In other words, Obama and the Progressives think children under age 26 are immature. And Progressives give us concrete evidence that they think children under age 26 should not be trusted with "really hard" decisions.

If 18-through-25 year-olds are too immature to be held responsible for purchasing healthcare insurance...
Then 18-through-25 year-olds are too immature to make irrevocable decisions regarding changing their gender.

Full stop.


If you make a poor choice in health insurance then you have the ability to change it. Not so with gender changes.

Trans-genders have among the highest rate of suicide attempts. They don't need somebody cutting on them. They need psychotherapy and antidepressants.

Giving an unhappy 18-through-25 year-old child life changing surgery is like amputating a leg to eliminate the pain of a stubbed toe. It should be grounds for malpractice.

However, surgery is much more profitable than mental health. That is what the insurance guys call a "moral hazard".

And where there is profit there are lobbyist. And where there are lobbyists there are favors and "contributions" to be had.

May they all burn in hell.


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    1. Beat me to it. I would say especially applies.

  2. They should make all sex-changing surgeries self-service do-it-yourself and furnish kits to all potential patients including very sharp scalpels a couple of mirrors, and clot-inducing bandages. Also should include one "black pill".

  3. When we 'address' government shortcomings, I propose that we (concerned citizens) consider lobbying a capital offense. In fact we should add an amendment to the bill of rights specifically stating that ' lobbying the legislature, judiciary or executive branch in ANY CAPACITY OTHER THAN AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN, be considered incitement to commit treason and entertaining a lobbyist FOR ANY REASON be considered treason.
    Those bastards work for us and I damn well demand loyalty from the sonofabitch taking my money. I believe that it's a reasonable expectation.

  4. And may the people who started the trans propaganda also burn in hell.

    Not that I have opinions.

  5. Not saying I agree with it, but brain development in humans continues into the mid-20's, especially in the cerebral cortex.

    There is only one saving grace with those of the mentally-ill who choose to undergo these procedures, although it's a little cold-blooded to voice it.


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