Thursday, July 30, 2020

A kind word for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was recently touted as Joe Biden's running mate. It was seen as a match made in heaven. The fans of Obama saw this as a way of guaranteeing 16 years of Obama, Progressive rule.

Word-on-the-street is that Michelle knew how much work POTUS should be and did not want to invest that much of her life in the project.

We dig our graves with our knives and forks
In spite of all the crap conservatives gave her for her efforts to make school lunches healthy, I think she deserves some credit.

If you were going to pick ONE THING that would improve the health outcomes of Black-Americans it would be to improve their diets.

Cut back on the fried foods and dietary fats.

Cut back on the sodium.

Cut back on the sugars.

Add fiber, vegetables and fruit.

Since some Black-Americans learn their dietary habits at Head-Start programs and public schools, that is where the leverage is.

While we (conservatives) groused about the intrusiveness of .Gov mandating what was in school lunches we conveniently overlooked the fact that every item on the school lunch is subsidized by the Feds and is approved, nutritionally, by the Feds.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Hungry kids will eat almost anything. After eating something eight times, it becomes their normal. Then there is at least a fighting chance that kids who grew up in families where their parent(s) did not cook will make healthy food choices when they are older.

And isn't that the essence of being a conservative? Individuals making choices. Individuals having enough information to make informed choices.


  1. True. I don't criticize her for that.

  2. My only criticism is that it went, as Liberals and Statist are wont to do, way too far.

    And then the bit where parent packed lunches being inspected and confiscated if they did not pass muster....?

  3. This ^

    I give her credit for doing something that is indeed worthwhile, you see it especially in south Texas, childhood obesity is a huge problem. Solving the problem with heavy-handed approaches that are long on Authority and short on common sense was the hallmark of the Obama years. That's where the derision comes from, plus there was no effort to make the new diet look and taste good. A lot of it went straight into the trash bin.

    A's for inspiration, D's for execution.

    1. When a kid is morbidly obese, then tossing five meals a week into the dumpster, while aggravating to taxpayers, is an OK outcome.

    2. Yes, well the point was, just because a fat kid doesn't eat a tasteless and unappealing school lunch doesn't mean the fat kid doesn't eat anything else instead.

      There was a lot of reporting on the changes to the lunch programming, including commentary from the cafeteria food preparers and photos. Yech, is all I can say. It was a wasted opportunity that could have really made some positive changes if they had just remembered that kids have to like the product.

  4. Michael Obama is a damn dirty freak show...Barak O was the laziest, least motivated president we have ever had, as well as the most devious. He claimed to be American-born (false), a Christian (false), an expert on the U.S. Constitution (false) non-communist (false), a champion of his people (false), a heterosexual (false), and a non-racist (false). He was a low-IQ (high for his race, though) empty suit blank slate puppet for his communist (and clowns in America ?) masters whose only goal was to destroy America so the communists/globalists could take over. Michael(le) was a part of this conspiracy.

    1. Obama was not my favorite, either.

      All politicians at that level are a family enterprises as Markle discovered when she married into "the Firm". So, Michelle is on the hook by association.

      Regarding her femininity, or lack there-of, she was accepted by her peers at Princeton as a woman and that was before the trans craziness.

  5. And the FDA Food Guide Pyramid (heavy on carbs, light on fats and meat) has proven to be the Golden Road to obesity, Insulin resistance, and full blown Diabetes...

  6. It would help immensely if they would stop feeding each other LEAD!

  7. If Michael/Michelle Obama is selected as Biden's running mate, he/she could claim extra status as the first tranny Veep candidate.

  8. ``And isn't that the essence of being a conservative?''
    The essence of being conservative is conserving the damage done by past liberals.

    Michael 0bammy is a past liberal, so of course a cuckservative approves.


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