Saturday, July 4, 2020


It may come as a surprise to most of my readers to learn that I am 100% in favor of reparations for the African-American community.

The root of the word "Reparation" is the word "repair".

In order for me to support a specific initiative for reparations, it must pass a few tests. The primary test is "How will it REPAIR Black culture.

The emphasis must be on culture because repairing the culture  is the only way to guarantee that future generations benefit from Reparations. If we don't think about future generations than all effort will be wasted.

So, the $15T question is: Will sprinkling a half-million dollars on every African-American guarantee that the next generation of African-Americans would grow up in an America with racial parity? Will the academic gap disappear? Will Black families stay together? Will Black-on-Black crime drop to that of White-on-White crime?

That answer to that is to look at the most successful Blacks in America: The Blacks who emmigrate from the Caribbean nations to the United States.

If you are blessed with the opportunity to talk with one of them, they will assure you that they EARNED their success. They did their school work. They learned their lessons and did extra homework. They passed competitive exams.

They will tell you that "giving" is a trap and exactly the wrong direction.

Most of them would contend that sprinkling half-million dollars on every Black person in America would be toxic and would make problems worse.

So what Reparations would I support?
How about Black-centric education where boys go to one school and girls go to different schools?

Boys need more gross-motor activities and most boys are severely disadvantaged by classrooms that exclusively focus on fine-motor skills.

If we admit that Blacks and Whites develop different skills at different rates and develop secondary sexual characteristics at different ages, then perhaps we need a different template for Blacks than has been optimal for Whites. Black men might gain significant advantage if they didn't have the distraction-and-competition of girls in the classroom.

Quick, get the smelling salts because teachers just swooned.

How about finding ways to not disadvantage families where the father stays with the mother of his children? Children need their fathers, especially boys, especially after age ten. They don't need them once a month or once every two weeks or once a year. They need their father there every night.

And while we are at it, let's disadvantage Rap music. Rap music is violent, misogynistic and anti-family. Performing Rap music is a First Amendment protected right: Freedom of Speech. But nobody, no corporation, is compelled to market it and make it widely available.

What would it cost? That is almost irrelevant. These are changes that I see as mandatory for repairing Black culture.

These are forms of Reparations that I support.


  1. If any monies are given to "ex-slaves" for any reason....I want a refund from all the food stamps, reduced rent, head start classes etc. Why stop there? Lost monies on slaves bought and paid for, lost monies on farm losses...etc. Tit for tat.

    1. My heartburn is that "Reparations" have become synonymous with money give-aways. I cannot see how that will make anything better.

      Most people, if given $500k will have lost it all in about three years. That is the evidence from insurance payouts and lottery winners.

  2. I support $100k reparations for each man, woman, and child contingent upon two requisites: revocation/renunciation of US citizenship and a free one-way air ticket to the West African nation (Ghana, Liberia, etc.) of their choice.


    1. I agree up to a point...I would give them a one-way ticket and passport, $10,000 and a pound of marijuana so they could start their own business... and some sort of tattoo in some highly visible place stating that they must not be allowed entry into the U.S. ever again. I would also include ANYONE who hates America (as proven in court) to get a free one-way trip to China. No pot for them, but same tattoo though.

  3. Obligatory: Dave Chappelle's reparations sketch:


  4. Add zero-tolerance discipline in those schools. One strike and you're out instead of the endless coddling and do-overs that they get now.


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