Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday

Funeral of a Viking (1893) by Sir Francis Dicksee (born 1853, died 1928)

Dicksee was a rarity, a commercially successful painter. He achieved that distinction by painting flattering portraits of rich women, in a sense, "selfies".

Our current best information is that Ol' Remus passed away July 8.

May Valhalla welcome you with slouch hat, comfortable walking boots, a '95 30-30 and a pouch full of Cavendish.


  1. And ... remember to stay away from crowds.

    1. Roger, sir:
      It's good that someone finally said it. If there was one bit of advice Ol' Remus repeated every update post, it was 'Stay away from crowds'.
      Stay safe

  2. So very sad, though the news I expected. sigh Loved the artwork mixed with wisdom. The old pictures sprinkled in. Yes, Roger, in these days for very many reasons the ever important " Stay away from Crowds" . RIP Ol'Remus

  3. I have been deeply saddened at the passing of ol' Remus. To me he was like a crusty old uncle whose every comment was distilled wisdom. Even though I never met him, I loved him fiercely.

  4. I think this is a fitting way to memorialize Remus. Do you mind if I steal it, and encourage others to do so as well?

  5. Always looked forward to reading Remus' writing on Tuesdays and (I think) I am a better person because of him. God bless you Remus, it took the mention of your death for me to fully appreciate how special your writing was. May your soul rest in peace.

    Thanks for doing this, ERJ. You are a very special writer as well.



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