Wednesday, July 1, 2020

She should ask for her money back

"caucasity"? Really?
She should ask for her tuition back. Clearly, she learned nothing.

Threatening to stab "anyone" on social media is strong evidence of premeditation. Stabbing people often results in their death.

She lists in New Haven, Connecticut as her city of residence. Connecticut was the first state to implement a "Red Flag Law" in 1999.

I think this unstable person needs a visit from the New Haven SWAT team and her firearms, knives, screwdrivers, nail file, pens and pencils, keys, tire iron in her vehicle need to be removed.

Just saying, she is EXACTLY the kind of person Connecticut wrote their law to protect productive, tax-paying Connecticuttians from.


The prima dona who threatened to cut anybody who said "All Lives Matter" within her hearing had her job offer from Delloitte rescinded. 

Par for course, she blames the management of Delloitte. It has nothing to do, in her mind, with protecting other employees from somebody who publicly threatens carnage.

Good move Delloitte. You did the right thing. Much easier to jerk the job offer now than after she has worked a year or five years. No telling how many executives she would have stabbed because she imagined some slight or how many law suites she would have filed or how many Tic-Toc videos assassinating your corporate character.


  1. HEY EVERYBODY ! This post is the LAST STRAW ! I am re-forming the old Ku Klux Klan. Oh, you black folks have nothing to fear, we will be stringing up Woke Liberal Communist Young People. Did I mention that the ones we will be lynching will all be WHITE ?
    Please contact me at Box 997 serious inquiries only.

  2. Actually, she is blaming Trump supporters who 'took over' TikTok and spread her shared video all over the place. Unironically, Del. recognized they had a loaded and unsecured SJW weapon on their hands. She has two subsequent tearful videos out - taking NO accountability to herself, blaming only others. No mention of Goddess Karma.

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