Saturday, July 25, 2020

Unleasing the Dogs of War

Outcomes are out-of-proportion to inputs when the input un-dogs potential energy.

What are the Democrats thinking?

To give James Howard Kunstler his due, he predicted civil unrest as upward channels of mobility became a patent fiction for larger and larger numbers of Americans. The tension has always been lurking beneath the surface.

Stevie Wonder can see it coming
A cop or Federal agent will get separated from his group.

The "demonstrators" will start assaulting him.

Other demonstrators will prevent his squad from coming to rescue him.

A cop or agent with too little sleep and too much stress will pull his weapon, flip off the safety and start double-tapping.

The tactics that are brilliant when the opposition have rules-of-engagement that prevent lethal force are stone-cold stupid when bullets start flying.

Brut thuggery relies on concentration of bodies.

A typical Glock 19 magazine holds 15 rounds. A typical AR-15 holds 30. A load-out of six extra magazines would not be unusual.

If only one cop or agent starts shooting, anywhere between 90 and 180 bullets might come into play. If a half-dozen start shooting (hey, the sound of gunfire can do that to people) then 540 and 1080 rounds might come into play.

Firing into a concentration of bodies, one-round-in-five from the AR is likely to produce a life-threatening injury. Perhaps one-in-twenty from the Glock.

Yelling "fire in a crowded theater" is a crime because panic kills when people are close together. You think they will panic when they hear the word "fire", wait until they are getting skippers off the pavement.

As things are heading, it is only a matter of days or weeks before it comes to pass.

The mayors are trying to keep one foot on the dock and the other in the canoe.

The prosecuting attorneys are grandstanding.

The judges have forgotten the victims, current and future.

My Progressive friend "Zolton"
I swap emails with some Progressives (capital P). It is too much to talk in person or on the phone.

It is an article of faith among them that ALL of the people committing violence in the "demonstrations" are Trump's jack-booted thugs.

And I ask "So why don't the Democrat mayors of those cities crack a few heads, make arrests and dox the trouble-makers?" If what they believe is true, then the Democrat mayors (and governors) have EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose by doing exactly that.

"Well," my Progressive friend says "they would but they are committed to non-violence."

"Wouldn't arresting violent people and putting them in jail reduce violence in the community?" I ask with all innocence.

"Some of them are Black. Ok, a lot of them are Black" my Progressive friend admits. "Letting police arrest Black people is to sanction their murder."

Wrinkling my brow (difficult to communicate via emails, I might add) I observe "It must scare the hell out of the Democrats to see how many Black people are Trump supporters."

My Progressive friend bristles. "Where the hell did THAT come from?"

"You said all the violent people are Trump supporters and then you admitted that a significant percentage of them are Black. X=X" I crow.

"Ahhhh" he says. "They are PAID actors."

"Wouldn't arresting them and dragging them in front of a judge expose that to the light of day?" I ask.

My Progressive friend changes the subject. "Trump has the KKK in his back pocket. He is going to use them as Storm Troopers just before the election."

"How many KKK members are there in the United States?" I ask.

"Why does that matter?" my Progressive friend asks.

If he can deflect, then so can I.

"Seriously, how many do you think there are?" I ask.

"I don't have a F---ing clue" he responds.

"Let's attack the question from a different direction. How many people would it take to tip the election via intimidation, cheating, and so on? Since we are talking about the KKK here, you also have to bake in a little extra to overcome the 'taint' of the association." I asked him.

He is pretty good with numbers.

He said "I dunno. I suppose it could be any number between 1000 and 3,000,000. I know it is a big range but there are a lot of variables."

"A thousand?" I asked. I sent it in <font=doubtful>

"Yeah, well, it is a stretch. But if they had prior planning, good organization, a solid command-and-control structure, training...a thousand could tip the election" my progressive friend said.

"Taking everything you know about the KKK in 2020, do you think they can perform high-level planning...command-and-control and so on?" I asked him.

I knew he thought they were semi-literate buffoons.

He waffled. "We have no idea of their capabilities."

Yeah, right, buddy.

I pushed.

"Taking what you believe to be true about the KKK, how many of them would it take to tip the election?"

"I dunno, maybe 50,000 or 100,000" he ventured.

"The internet says that there are 3000 KKK members in the USA" I informed him.

I did not mention that some of them are in the KKK in-name-only so they can sound tough at the bar. Others are in their late-eighties and not likely to intimidate anybody the the undertaker who attempts to put a smile on their face before the viewing.


  1. Having a riot-LARPer die is the preferred end-game for the actual organizers and will be their causus belli to declare open war on the rest of the country.

    They are probably sitting back pissed that nobody has gotten shot yet.

  2. If there are 3000 KKK members in the U.S. 2,999 of them are FBI agents/informers.

    1. Upon further reflection there COULD be as few as 2,990
      fbi agents/informers out of 3000 U.S. KKK members. SOMEONE has to watch out for snitches and traitors.

  3. Well done, Joe. You are a master of taking their own answers and innocently saying, "Okay, why don't we do that?". I am going to appropriate your technique for conversing with lefties that I might come across. Even though most of them will not be changed, causing their heads to explode from maximum cognitive dissonance could be entertaining.

    As for the KKK, my admittedly wild ass guess would estimate their actual true believer dues-paying members to be in the hundreds, not thousands. Even if they actually do have 3000 bonafide dues-paying members who are not mostly FBI informants, I doubt they could field more than a few dozen in any state for any kind of action, even a mild-mannered peaceful protest. The idea that they could provide the muscle for a Trump intimidation campaign is laughable. It is truly amazing some of the things that lefties believe.

  4. There are a LOT of heretofor uninvolved citizens with the means motivation and experience to do an absolutely wonderful job of curb stomping Antifa "protestors".

    Marxist actors masquerading as BLM and socialist activists are advancing their agenda of violent fundamental change of our society.

    But this is not Germany in the 30s, or statist Russia.

    This is the country that has broken gun sales records month after month after month in the last few years.

    This is the country that elected a streetbrawler non politician as President despite ALL the experts predicting Felonia Von Pantsuit a big winner.

    Soros and Obama and Organizing for Action have no clue what fate awaits its them when the bullets start flying.

  5. In a sane world dealing with sane people, making cogent arguments like this would have some value. We don't live in that world and to these people the only argument is "Orange Man Bad". Best be prepared for Trump to lose and for 2021 to make 2020 look like utopia in comparison.

    1. Indeed, pray we gain another four years to BLOAT, put back canned food and get out of debt, and get off the sofa and ruck out.

      Plan to have under a hundred days.


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