Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Once again, I am enrolled in the Hall of Heroes

The washer is working again.

The part showed up a couple days ago.

It took about fifteen minutes to install it. It took longer to figure out how to open the top of the washer than to install the part and reassemble the machine.

We ran six loads that day and have slowly whittled down the pile of dirty laundry.

Southern Belle
Southern Belle will be visiting us. Her return ticket is for ten days after her arrival but she may extend the visit depending on how events go in Miami/Dade, Florida. Covid is starting to take off down there and social unrest might become an issue.

One thing you can say about most Florida police, they take their mission seriously. I suspect the social unrest will not spin out-of-control like it has where the governor, mayor and police chief have been enablers.

Southern Belle likes to play up her rural roots when she is in South Florida. South Florida is a funny place. It is a fusion of New Yawk and the Caribbean.

I think she will want video of mowing pastures with Sprite's tractor and all those kinds of things.

It will be fun would be to take video of her swimming in Sprite's pond and to have Belladonna unleash the German Shepherds off-screen. Then to have them join her swimming. With a little bit of classical conditioning (Velveta cheese, anybody) I am sure we can train Herc and Zeus to look like attacking wolves.

Southern Belle is a good kid. I am looking forward to her joining us for a bit. She is our "project" kid. Give her a mission and a budget and get out of her way.

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  1. I spent a period of my life as a young adult in a small beachside community north of Daytona Beach. Real rural, redneck south, unlike the more urbane Miami / Dade county area near the southern tip, which had a whole lot of imported older folks, a lot of them from up north. There was a saying back then, that the further north one got in Florida, the further South you were.


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