Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Raccoon update

I know everybody is tired of hearing it, but Old_NFO was absolutely right: The trash-pandas cleared the table.

I need to clean up the wire hooks.
Image of Twizzler package.
The raccoons showed no preference for the more expensive sausage snacks over the red Twizzlers within the parameters of the experiment.

No images or tracks were collected so there is a possibility that the bait was consumed by a possum. No matter.

Southern Belle thinks collecting video of the raccoons trying to pull the Twizzlers off the electric fence might be entertaining.

I may have to buy a trail cam.


  1. That might be interesting to watch... LOL

  2. We kept the raccoons out of our sweet cherries one year with disco lights (Amazon) not kidding. I actually bought them to chase birds and they worked great. The down side is we spent so much on batteries that we figured our profit at the farmers market was about break even. If you could rig up a power source they might be worth a try.


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