Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Ten Commandments in Secular Language

  1. There is something much bigger than you "out there". It never has been and never will be "all about you". Don't place yourself at the top of creation. In a short time, that body you pamper, the status you crave and the imagined boo-boos you coddle will dissolve as entropy's icy hand grips you.  Further, the Government is not that bigger thing. It too is made of fallible humans and subject to entropy and decay.
  2. Do not make claims of family or allegiance lightly. You cannot wade through a cesspool without carrying the stink for weeks. To use "names", i.e. claims of family, lightly is to make a mockery of powers you do not understand.
  3. Set one day a week aside to look outside yourself. That includes looking outside your tribe because your tribe is the house-of-mirrors at the carnival. How does the elaborate parallel-universe you constructed in your head fare? Is it a house-of-cards when confronted with reality or is it a stone foundation? 
  4. Honor those who have gone before you. Hot-house flowers are shielded from the wind and drought and cold. You are incapable of knowing the sacrifices older people made so you can thrive. Don't shit on them.
  5. Thou shall not murder. "Murder" are actions that result in a human losing their life outside the law. Self-defense is righteous and is not murder. Swindling money from a little-old-lady and thereby hastening her death is murder.
  6. If married thou shall not have sex outside the marital bed, or if not married, thou shall not have sex with somebody who is married.
  7. If you did not earn it, it is NOT yours. The only thing you should ever pick up that is not not yours is litter and that should go into the trash.
  8. Do not repeat hearsay. Don't repost items on social media unless you were there and heard-and-saw exactly what the post mentions. Don't lie. Don't spin. If you speculate or editorialize then clearly identify what you are saying as such.
  9. Avoid gratuitous, sexual titillation. People of the opposite (or same) sex are more than objects for our sexual gratification.
  10. Avoid envy. If you want something, work for it. Envy is toxic and destroys.
Likely to get updated if I have additional thoughts

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