Friday, July 31, 2020

Double-blind studies


  1. People are beginning to wake up to the little problem that they know very few who have been sick. How can that be? Oh, the masks fixed it. So now we can skip flu shots and just wear masks? Common colds could be a thing of the past with diy mask technology.

  2. So Fauci, how are you going to have a control group for a double blind study? If the researchers are honest, they know that the likelihood of the control group dying is a lot higher than the groups that receive the HCL plus zinc. And knowing that, they are ethically bound to disclose that to the control group. And once they do that, no one will agree to be in the control group.

    In the Doctors Without Gear group, the doctor from Houston has treated 350 Covid patients with HCL+zinc+Zpac. Many of them were Black, and many had co-morbidities such ad obesity, diabetes, etc. NOT ONE if her patients died. All of them recovered.

    There have been hundreds of thousands of Covid patients worldwide who have been successfully treated with HCL. But I guess that's not good enough for Fauci. I have been wondering if he is really that stupid, or just evil. I think it is both.

    1. My understanding of "double-blind" is that neither the patient nor the researcher knows which treatment the patient received. They are simply assigned a number and some data-weenie who is off-site keeps track.

      A second item that Fauci has not been called on is the design of experiment. Anecdotal accounts is that HCL without zinc is of minimal effectiveness. There might be a study out there with just HCL. So how do you design the study? Do you look at each element alone AND in combination? How do you measure the amount of damage Covid has already done? How do you categorize the comorbidities? The size of the study quickly skyrockets?

      Listening to his testimony, it appeared the Fauci was very invested in his expertise. "I was right" "I already said" "There is nothing more I could have done..."

    2. Consider the assertions that HCQ is useless, nay harmful, in the studies that have been performed. Wherein, already tremendously ill people are administered HCQ.

      Hmmm. What results would we see if (say) doxycycline were to only be administered to patients in ICU, and on vents, for their pneumonias? Would Doctor (er, I mean GOVERNOR) Whitmer then forbid prescribing doxycycline for susceptible pneumonias, based upon SCIENCE!?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. of the social distancing spacing of "6 Feet".

    There was no science behind that number, just a guess.

    1. Nope.
      The term should be 'anti-social distance'.

      Is that another example of Orwell's 'new-speak'?


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