Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Grab bag

The image that won the Internet for today. I stole it from Dad's Deadpool Blog. It is a must-read site and a great way to start the day.


Proof God loves me.

Maybe this cold isn't all "downside".

Revenge? Really?
More proof that the world lost its collective mind.

An opinion editor at a major, national newspaper informed white women they were "lucky" that Blacks were not extracting revenge for...two items that happened before most of them were born for Trump.

My guess is that she (the editor) is just another ding-bat who lost her collective mind over the collective excitement and trying to be relevant in the collective insanity.

What a buffoon! If she opens the door for one side extracting "revenge" for voting for a candidate they don't like, doesn't tit-for-tat indicate that the other side will return the favor? Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, but I bet she still has her cushy job.

Bernard's Law of Half-wits applies. CI=(1/2)^n where CI is the Collective Intelligence and n is the number of half-wits.

We have a den of foxes on the property. I saw the cubs playing when the grass was soaked with dew. I guess they don't like wet feet. They were up, out of the ground clutter where I could see them. I counted three cubs but there may be more.

I consider this grand, good fortune. I might have a different opinion if I was raising hens. The fox will thin out the rabbit and chipmunk population. Hopefully, there will be fewer ticks next year.

Pretty animals. These seem to have shorter legs and longer bodies than I remember but maybe it is due to their youth.

Road trip to Flint today
Belladonna has to go to Flint to pick up a lab experiment from her instructor. This is the class she is taking from Kirtland Community College. KCC is based in Grayling with campuses in Roscommon and Gaylord. Flint is much closer than any of those cities but I think I would rather drive to Roscommon than Flint.

Maybe I can find a sporting goods store to swing by. I will run out of H-110 in a few days. I have Alliant 2400 which is a fine propellant but I don't want two different loads that look physically the same but shoot to two different points-of-impact.

I am a rich man when I can feel pity for a billionaire.

I feel sorry for the guy. It never occurred to him that the crowd would turn on him. He is the only guy in Silicon Valley that showed any backbone when it came to censoring hate-speech.

Sure, there was some censoring on Facebook and the execution was crap. Maybe that is why Mr Zuckerberg resisted. He knows that human intervention is fallible...and expensive.

I believe that if Mr Zuckerberg wanted to drink an adult beverage with me, that I would not spit in his face. Not an opinion I share regarding most of our would-be masters.

What is the attraction of the words "horrid" and "wonderous"?

Is something more repulsive if it is "horrid" rather than "horrible"?

Is something more awe-inspiring if it is "wonderous" rather than "wonderful"?

I am open to suggestions. Maybe I have been using "wonderful" and "horrible" wrong. Perhaps "horrid" and "wonderous" are the preferred forms when modifying verbs or some such. If I have been in error, please let me know.


  1. I have noticed that many people, almost exclusively urban Liberals, believe that the Black population of the US is much, much, larger than it is. Some even believe that Blacks are a majority of the country and that Whites are a fearful minority... This shows a lack of civics, geography, and demographics knowledge, plus a bias towards their normal...
    I suspect there is already "retaliation" for protests - while it hasn't been covered in the media, I've heard reports that truckers are reluctant to deliver in several cities. This probably translates to higher costs for affected businesses. Additionally, a number of damaged businesses have announced they will be moving or won't be reopening, which could be called "retaliation"....

  2. Oh, I agree with you about Zuckerberg; he is losing his customer base, which leads to fewer ad views and fewer advertisers, and he knows that if he gives in to the push for more censorship it will hurt him further. He has a tough balancing act and I think we are seeing the beginning of a long slide for Facebook, which he will try hard to stop or slow since most of his fortune is tied up in it.

  3. In .357 I use nickle vs brass to discern between 125 gr and 158 gr Hornardy XTP.

  4. has H 110 at a good price in 1 or 8 lbs. I agree 2400 works good for cast but not as good for jacketed.

    1. Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings is about 45 miles away and they have fifteen pounds in stock. It is time for a road trip.

  5. I grew up living next door to a large Catholic family with mostly girls. I spent a lot of time at their house as they were the only kids nearby. The first time I ever heard the word “horrid” it was being used by one of the girls to describe the smell in the bathroom immediately after I had exited the room. It made me proud. 60 years later, the word still comes to my adolescent mind every time I switch on the bathroom fan as I exit the throneroom.

  6. The Dalai Lama is a very wise man. Paying attention to him pays dividends on multiple planes of existence.
    I appreciate the recommendation.

    1. You earned the recommendation. Your blog puts a smile on my face.


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