Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Queen of Somebody's Double-wide

I wonder if she is dating the Charlie Daniels of the torque wrench

MSU Political Professor informed students that she would fail them if they did not give her a $99 "contribution".

Amy Marie Wisner's address of record is 1030 Columbia Ave E., Battle Creek, Michigan
I wonder how many of the other residents of the trailer park know that she is sitting on $60k? Being a Leftist, I am SURE she wants to share it with all of her neighbors.


  1. She's got the angles!! Not too scary, except for the holes she poked in her face. I don't get that. Why mar yourself? Wait, big eyes.... She just hasn't done the AOC bug eye thing for the camera, but she is capable of doing. Battle Axe, Michigan huh? I'll stay furr away.... Thanky, no.


  3. Why would they pay in the first place?

    1. Universities in the States tack on all kinds of fees: Lab fees, media fees, dealer-prep-and-destination fees, green energy fees.... She was tacking one more fee on and it got lost in the stampede.

  4. Sued? She should been fired after the first student showed documentation of this extortion to her department head.

    If it was reported and ignored EVERY administrator involved should be removed as well.

  5. Most valuable class those students took. A communist, shows them communism up close and personal.

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