Saturday, May 27, 2023

A restful evening

I caught the sixth woodchuck of the season yesterday. I had a live-trap set but no bait. Stupid critter went into the trap and stepped on the dog.

Allergies/cold was bad last night. The winning combination for a full-night's sleep was to take a decongestant and then after one of my nostrils could pull some air, to use Nasacort, an aerosol product to further shrink the nostril tissue. I also took an extended-release guaifenesin tablet to make the snot more fluid.

I breathed pretty well last night. I spent half of it in the recliner and the second half in bed.

A very old steel vehicle-wheel. Long devoid of paint. HH expressed an interest in raising the top of the grill to about 30" of height.

Handsome Hombre's idea of a relaxing Friday evening is to incinerate meat over a wood fire.

We jumped the gun and put the kiebasa on before the fire had died down to coals. I got the fire going, he stoked it and then handled all of the meat end of the job.

HH declined my offer to dress the woodchuck .

I have one job

I have one job today. To mow grass.


  1. My job today is to sell a bunch of my wife's home made crafts at the Hwy 11 flea market.


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  2. Lawn dust and pollen, good luck Joe. Woody

  3. Good luck ERJ. I am okay mowing with allergies right until the point that something gets to close to my face, then it is game over.

  4. An allergy attack and then go mowing the grass?

    Do you use a Neti pot? I dislike it but when I am in nasal trouble it works well.

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  6. A mask won't stop a virus but they do a pretty good job of limiting dust and pollen intake. I often wear one mowing or working in really dusty conditions, cleaning out old mouse nests, etc.
    Also, a significant portion of time is spent sleeping- a room air filter/circulator may help.
    I have an timer on a fan to pull air through the bedroom and attached bath, but if there is a window open it will pull in pollen too. So I took a furnace hepa filter, cut a big square hole in a piece of 1/4" plywood, and used that as a drop in replacement for a window screen to filter the incoming air.

  7. Good luck to all. Mowing grass during allergy season is the only time I’ve ever worn an N95. Works better than the old bandana. Without either it’s two days of misery post blasting the zero turn. I love those things. I’ve taken to burying flat stones where I constantly spin out the grass. Hitting the mark has become yet another game. (I know, I know.)


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