Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Orchard Grass is pollinating

The first Orchard Grass is pollinating here.

440 Growing Degree Days, base 50F.

810 GDD, base 42F.

The seedheads opened up and started dumping pollen when the relative humidity hit 55%, or about 9:00AM.

That means that my best time to work outside will be before 9:30AM for the next week or so. Otherwise, the smart thing will be for me to hide inside. We run the furnace fan 24/7 this time of year to keep pushing the air through the filter.

  • I was able to weed-whack the weeds in Zeus's kennel
  • Graft the last two Kanza pecan scion. I saved the seedling most upwind of the mature trees for that variety
  • Spot-water some of the new plants in the fenced-in garden
  • Pull nightshade from around one of the outside spigots
  • Mix herbicide and spray Poison Ivy that has popped up around the house
  • Top-off the stock-tanks with water.

An indoor project

Mrs ERJ and Southern Belle are teaching Quicksilver American Sign language. 

Quicksilver ha already mastered "milk", "more", "all done".

In honor of her southern roots, I want to teach her "Sweet tea" and see how long it takes the girls to figure out what she is saying.


  1. Ah yes, pollen... be glad you don't have many cedars up there!!!

  2. For a southerner, is there any tea but sweet tea? As a kid, my uncle always made sweet tea and we live in the midwest. It wasn't until I was a teen working in a restaurant that I learned that most people in our region drank unsweetened tea.

  3. For the pollen and other indoor particulates:


    You'll need one for every 100 sq ft or so.
    Highly effective at making particles fall out of the air.

  4. typo: every THOUSAND sq ft

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