Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A monkey off my back

I had five apple trees "potted up" in dog-food bags. I was holding them for my nephew, the one who was the model for "Clayton" in one of the recent fiction.

I got to walk around some of his new property. We picked a place near his pond but on the "house" side. He will have a good view of the deer from his deck and he should see a boat-load of them since his property straddles a long, slender, 30 acre swamp and the pond is on the edge of the swamp (Duh!).

Those trees are no longer my responsibility and they are in good hands. "Clayton" already had a roll of 4', welded wire mesh he was going to use to make individual deer-cages for the trees.

Not much to work with

Not a lot of temperature difference to work with. We started at 67 inside the house yesterday morning and it rose to 71. It was still 71 at four this morning.

Three hours of sucking air through the house only pulled the temp down two degrees.

Using the early morning hours...

I got out into the garden at 6 this morning and worked until 7:30. I killed thistles, planted flower seeds, transplanted melons and oregano. I had to be in by 7:30 because that is when the "kids" were heading off to their paying jobs.

The plan is to plant some pole beans, green bush-beans and some squash seeds today.


  1. TERRIBLE horrible no good very bad luck with beans this year (normally seed several rows). All newly purchased seed, too!
    Cowpeas are working, though.
    Mother nature provides.

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  3. I 'prefer' a bit warmer in the house, but I am a 'southern boy'... LOL

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