Monday, May 22, 2023

The Left shooting themselves in their foot

Derrick Johnson, current president of the NAACP released a statement to the press advising people who "care" about peoples-of-color to boycott the State of Florida.

Somehow, in his zeal to signal to donors his overwhelming zeal for justice, Mr Johnson somehow failed to realize that a disproportionate percentage of peoples-of-color are employed by the Hospitality Industry in Florida; the very industries he proposes to target.



Maids and housekeepers, for instance, are over-represented by 120% by peoples-of-color and 88% of them are women. Perhaps I am naive, but I assumed the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People would care about all colored people and other marginalized groups.

Silly me!

Cooks are over-represented by P-o-Cs by 79%, nationally.

Dishwashers by 72%.

Food preparation workers and non-restaurant food-servers by 50%.

Florida, being a very cosmopolitan state is likely to have even higher rates of P-o-C working in the hospitality industry than the national average.

And Mr Derrick Johnson would throw those people under-the-bus for abstract nuances; nuances that will not feed hungry families. These are workers and families without a lot of economic cushion.

They are cannon-fodder to Mr Johnson.

Shame on you, Mr Johnson! You are out-of-touch with the majority of the people you profess to represent.


  1. Chairman of NAACP lives in Tampa.

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  2. You expect consistency, logic, and compassion from a Democrat?

  3. At the risk of pouring gasoline on the fire.. how many whyte pee po just put Florida at the top of their vacation destination list?

    ... it should serve as a lesson for when dealing with these kinds of people. The level stupidity and hypocrisy reaches levels previously thought unobtainable. We need new words to describe just how far out of touch with their own reality these people are.

  4. Almost as stupid as taking the MLB all "star" game out of Atlanta (because of RAAAAACISM) and moving it to Dever (White city)

  5. Almost nobody cares about Africans, but especially Africans and leftists don't care about them.

  6. To Anonymous @ .11:14, Almost nobody cares about Africans being Africans. Almost everybody does care about thugs being thugs except of course those who make their living playing the victims of the thugs.

  7. Can we say hypocrite? I know we could...

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  10. all the white people who live in Florida would like to thank this idiot for making Florida a safer place.


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