Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Large Rifle Primers


At the time of this writing, Powder Valley lists CCI Large Rifle Primers (mil-spec) as still in stock. They will cost about $160 to have a thousand delivered to your door.

Mil-spec primers have a "harder cup" than standard primers to resist slam-fires from floating firing pins of gas-powered actions impacting the primer on bolt-closing. Yes, that includes AR pattern firearms (7.62X51mm, .450 Bowel-Movement)

Mil-spec primers might not be the best choice for lever-action rifles which have sometimes been tweaked to speed-up the action cycling, nor are they a good choice for somebody with a fifty-year-old gun that has never been cleaned and the firing-pin channel may be gunked-up with oil and dust. Federal large rifle primers are the primer-of-choice for those firearms.


  1. I recently did a primer test with my pet 6.5 Creedmoor load comparing CCI benchrest primers, large rifle magnum primers, and NATO 7.62 primers. I loaded ten rounds with each primer. The propellant and brass for all 30 rounds were from the same batches so everything else would be as equal as possible. I was really surprised the NATO 7.62 had the most consistent performance by far, with a 12 FPS variation over the ten round string of fire.

  2. The military M42C1 small rifle primers also have a harder cup.

    At one point when Olin/Winchester was having production issues, my employer at the time experimented with civilian primers in M81 fuze igniters that used the M42C1 primers. We never got perforations of the primer cup with the mil-spec primers. We had quite a few with the civilian primers. The M42C1 primers are also hotter and more consistant when used in ammunition.

  3. That's about the going rate for them. For some reason, Large Rifle and Large Pistol prices have stayed up when Small Rifle and Small Pistol have dropped.

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