Friday, May 5, 2023

Fake News Friday: Abbott proposes Texas be split into four states

Governor Abbott of Texas recently proposed that Texas be split into four separate states of approximately 8 million residents each. He was quoted as saying "A house divided will not stand. Rather than let our differences tear us apart and have antiquated boundaries that used to defined us be the cords that strangle us, it is better we should separate peacefully and pursue our own best interests."

"West Texas" will be the High-Plains and Big Bend region.

"North Texas" will be the quadrant that includes Dallas-Ft Worth and Big Pines region.

Southeast will be named "Occidental Louisiana" and include Houston.

The pie-slice that runs from just north of Austin-to-Del Rio-to-Brownsville to Corpus Cristi will be named "Norte Tamalipas".

Abbott to appoint two Republican Senators to West Texas, North Texas and  Occidental Louisiana and two (conservative) Democratic Senators to Norte Tama.


  1. If that happens, I'll have to move. Not staying in northern Cohuila. I'm thinking I may anyway....

  2. I'm good with this. Borders by topography changes. Whilst we're at it, bust up Illinois to two states, Chicago in one, rest of state in other. Ditto, New York. Call the other one Amsterdam or something. California, four or five. On a roll here, East and west Oregon, same for Washington.

  3. I remember in the mid 1950's talk of a four way division. This thought comes up every ten years or so.

  4. That's bullshit!
    Why does Seguin have to have both San Antonio AND Austin?


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