Saturday, May 27, 2023

Male privilege

This is the time of year when the local papers publish the names of the students graduating from high school. They also include names and pictures of the top ten graduating students.

The Charlotte Class of 2023 has nine girls and one boy in the top ten.

Bellevue has seven girls and two boys in the top nine.

Olivet has six girls and four boys.

Eaton Rapids has seven girls and three boys.

Accumulating the numbers, twenty-nine girls and ten boys.

If one were to propose the null hypothesis that boys and girls have the same academic aptitude and that teachers did not discriminate for/against either gender (basically a fair coin-flip), then the odds of a twenty-nine-to-ten split is about 1.7%. Link

If this happens two years in a row then the odds are 0.0004%.

Odd how male privilege plays out.


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  2. I graduated back in 79. I was dead middle in the class ranking. I scored 290 points higher on the SAT than the number two scorer. The military had me retake the ASVAB as I was in the top percentile and I had only missed one question on my first attempt but I aced it on the second attempt.

    My point is that I was not mentally challenged after the 9th grade. My family had moved and I had been in an accelerated educational program in a large school system and thrust into a small system where I learned almost nothing in school my remaining 3 years. I did go outside the system to get math and science tutoring. I excelled in college.

  3. Facts and figures are useless against conclusions reached emotionally.

    1. Or against people who can't understand them.

  4. What is the male to female ratio for teachers in those schools?


  5. Schools these days teach very little that a normal healthy male would find of any interest.

  6. I was a B- student in high school. Most classes were extremely boring. As with Tsquare, I was not challenged by the dumbed down classes. When I took the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test my senior year, I had the top score in the school. I beat the "class brain" who graduated as valedictorian. I had moved from a small town school with good teachers to a large city school with mostly lazy teachers right before starting my junior year.

    Everyone leans at a different pace and in different ways. Some learn better from hearing. Some learn better from reading. Some need both at the same time. The current system does little to maximize the potential of any of the students.

    1. Also worth noting that grades test knowledge indirectly. What grades actually measure is test-taking ability and the ability to noodle-out what the grade-giver is looking for.

      In the days of paper tests, a test-taker could read the questions, then read the essay and highlight portion of the essay (reading comprehension) and refer back to the text while reading the questions. Not so easy with computer tests given on monitors.

    2. That has been an ongoing discussion with educators who are dealing with kids that don't test well but know the information.


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