Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday is Zoop


The sun was slanting in through the window and hitting the kettle. It seemed like a good time to take a picture.

Source of the title

1:37 run time.

What else would you be eating the day before payday? Left-overs, thinnings from the garden and water, that is what.


  1. I'm having leftovers. I made Pizza Noodle Casserole the other day and had enough left over for 7 more servings, which I put in freezer safe bowls. That's what I'm having tonight.

  2. If things go bad there will be a lot of soup eaten. A lot of partially identified critters swimming in it too. All will be grateful to have it. Personally I love soup with a piece of bread. Nice caldron I must say. While I'm here I want to thank you for the stories, first read in the morning.Bless you and yours, Allan

    1. Hi Allan:
      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

      Soup and fresh yeast rolls. Simple. Filling. Satisfying. I agree, it doesn't get much better than that, especially if you have good company.

  3. Went out to the garden this morning and filled a bucket with onions and the wife and I made 2 gallons of onion soup. Had some for dinner and put most of the rest in the freezer. Yum,Yum. Having a garden is soooo gratifying. --ken

  4. Making our first chicken zoop of the season today. The wife and I love cooking only twice a week. On the less happy side, am tearing down the garden today. Had the third frost last night.


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