Sunday, October 25, 2020

Quick summary of the blogger meet-up in mid-Michigan

It was genuinely humbling to be sitting at a table with a group of such intelligent and helpful people.

A huge range of topics was covered.

Glocks: You want to hate them but they are like the old, ugly mutt that cheerfully does everything your high-dollar purebred is "too good for".

Japanese products: Characterized by balance. Not overboard on any one attribute at the expense of any other attribute.

Magazines: The most expensive magazine is the one you cannot trust but leave in inventory anyway.

Dunning-Kruger effect: People don't know what they don't know.

Airplanes: If boats are holes in the water you throw $20 bills into, planes are black-holes that suck $100 bills directly out of your bank account.

Fuel reserves: Technical term for the last third of the fuel the gas tank. That is, one-third to get there. One-third to get back. The last third for Murphy.

Space: One of the people at the meet-up lived for extended periods in several other countries. He wants to stay in the US. One point he made is that even in congested areas we are still spread out compared to other countries and there is room for tactical maneuver.

Tourniquets: They hurt when tightened. Pain is the patient's problem. Getting the patient to the E-Room with a pulse is the problem of the person applying the tourniquet. Get training.

News organizations: Hopelessly biased.

Civil unrest: Surprisingly little was said about civil unrest. The general expectation is that it will spike immediately after the election. Estimates of duration ranged from two-weeks to "until two-weeks after the President (whoever that might be) is sworn in"

CUR part two: Everybody had a plan

CUR part three: B recommends that if you do nothing else, buy sheets of plywood and decking screws. Windows are a weak point whether you are talking hurricanes or civil unrest.

Mr B: It was a privilege to meet him. To give you a mental image of what he is like in the flesh, think of the coolest guy on Miami Vice and then put Teddy Roosevelt's personality into him and you would be in the right zipcode.

The Shekel: Laser-like wit. Cauterizes as it cuts.

Scott: Solid guy.

Scott's dad: Swiss Army-knife of a guy. At one time he trained K-9 officers for the Michigan State Police.


  1. I don't wear pastels, so no Miami Vice.

    It was great to meet you all.

    We should do this again soon.

    1. You are so cool nobody would notice if you did wear pastels.

  2. Knowing those folks in meatspace, with the exception of Scott, I'd agree with the descriptions! :-)

  3. ERJ, It was outstanding seeing you in person again. Always a great time and great conversations.

  4. I would add: "ERJ: Inveterate wordsmith who keeps up a steady stream of puns, double entendre', and plays on words, just to see who is paying attention. Genuinely fun guy."

    It's been a long time since I have enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship that much. Thanks to all!

    1. Oh, and CUR part four: The old ammo adage definitely still applies: "Buy it cheap and stack it deep". Also applies to reloading components.


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