Sunday, October 18, 2020

A VERY bad joke


The Supervisor for the Presidential detail walked up and down the line. He had called an emergency meeting. All of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Biden were there.

"I need a volunteer" he barked.

The agents were nobody's fool. You don't get to the position by making rash decisions.

"What is the task" the most senior agent asked.

"I need somebody to shoot the President" the Supervisor stated.

A collective gasp arose from the agents. What the supervisor was asking for was unthinkable.

"Why?" the senior agent asked, struggling to control his anger.

"President Biden is having an adverse reaction the the vaccine. The Pharma lobby simply cannot have him die due to the vaccine. That means we need another cause-of-death...and nobody else can get close enough to him to do-the-deed" the Supervisor stated. 

As the detail processed the information, the most junior agent timidly raised his hand.

"Are you volunteering?" the Supervisor asked.

"No. I have a question, though" the junior agent said.

"What is it?" the Supervisor asked.

"Did Mrs Clinton or Pelosi get vaccinated?"



  1. Right now I am watching LIVE TV coverage of riots in Los Angeles.There are currently 2 police cars burning of the 12 or so that were vandalized. I had to look to find the coverage. It will probably not be on the evening news. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. Can't find a thing on the 'net about this right now using multiple search engines. Can you point to coverage?

  3. Search U-tube for "riots live". I am watching it on my Roku TV.

  4. Right now, a group of undesirable *Black People*, maybe two hundred or so, are blocking 8 lanes of the 101 in San Jose, near where I formerly worked. *waiting for someone to get run over* Have seen several cars' windows broken out. The drivers must be terrified.


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