Friday, October 2, 2020

45 years of 'Progress'

You be the judge:


Maria Muldaur' Midnight at the Oasis: Note the lyrics, vocal range and instrumentation. What emotions does this song evoke? Billboard ranked it at #13 for the year.

Cardi B's WAP: Don't bother listening. I managed to listen to about seven seconds. It is THAT bad. It will raise your blood pressure. Filthy, explicit porn-talk that degrades women. Typical rap beat. It has been #1 on the (c)rap charts for seven weeks.

Was that progress?


  1. Been loving that song since I heard it on the AM car radio back in '74.

    Not clicking on the crap rap thank you. Just like I don't drink from the toilet.

  2. Never really cared for Midnight when it came out, but as I get older I find more appreciation for the music of my younger years. Somehow I doubt today's teenagers will be listening to Cardi-who in 40 years.


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