Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Marxists believe in magic

Some readers may think that I engage in wishful thinking when I portray the Marxists' best-and-brightest as not so great and not very bright.

I actually have reasons for those conclusions.

Marxists believe in magic. They believe that there are magical incantations that bypass Newtonian physics and the necessity of working to achieve good results.

Go to school and study difficult subjects? Ha! That is for chumps.

Engineering? Let the F___ing Chinese do the engineering.

Law? Let the F___ing Jews do that.

Military? F___ing hillbillies and Hispanics.

Want something you couldn't be bothered to work for? Wave your wand and declare "Marxism Glorioso" or "White man Racist" or "Justice for fill-in-blank" or "New Green Deal"

The human mind is a funny thing. It is constantly in the process of rewriting our personal "narrative" to portray us in the most flattering manner possible.

That "liquid" narrative cannot validate the possibility that hard-work might actually contribute to success. That would diminish the heroic, Herculean nature of person writing and rewriting their narrative.

Memorizing "math facts", learning calculus, working to get into good condition, learning how to cinch your sling so it doesn't squeak or rattle or putting effort into mastering any useful skill contradicts the Marxist narrative. They are "artifacts of the cis-male, white-supremacist hegemony" and acting as if they might be useful would be to validate and reinforce that same hegemony.

Marxists have a DUTY to repudiate everything that conflicts with their belief in magic.

That is very much to the advantage of the fighter who actually handles his weapons enough so they are an extension of their bodies. The Marxist trapped in magicial-thinking will get rolled up by somebody who took the trouble to understand ballistics and basic tactics and put sweat into preparing their battle-space to maximize the odds of their side's success.


  1. Didn't work theat way in Denver....the commie pseudo security guard hit the ten ring on that navy pro police veteran and did it while being sprayed with bear spray. NEVER assume that the marxist left are stupid or incompetent. Some may be but many are not. What they ARE is evil. Evil personified. Plan and act accordingly while remembering the "legal" system has been suborned and corrupted to protect THEM.

  2. Marxists are living proof of the validity of the r/k selection theory.

  3. Well, in counterpoint, I cite Kyle Rittenhouse.

    17 yo, untrained, willing to serve, took out 3 felons in a clear cut case of self defense.



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