Saturday, October 10, 2020

Media attention is like oxygen to the disenfranchised

Many level-headed people deplore when the news media covers school shootings in excruciating detail.

They contend it encourages other me-too attempts and the level of detail provides a template of what to do and not-do.

Will we see a rash of idiots making desperate plays to pressure politicians? doesn't matter. These are the mediocre, disenfranchised, alienated people Marx wrote about. Their current political flag does not matter because they change movements more often than I get a new cell-phone.

Nearly all of these yahoos are damaged people.

And they have been slipped out of their constraints for political purposes.

Prediction one: Big Retch will not be the last target. Note: I have no information other than what I know about human nature.

Prediction two: The efforts will become more competent as time goes on

Prediction three: The media will continue to cover the attempts with ever more air-time


  1. Prediction 4: Like everything this summer, it will be blamed on Conservatives and Republicans, especially when it WASN'T them.

  2. I suspect that there never really was a genuine plot to kidnap Wretch. For years and years now, in almost every case where the FBI supposedly broke up some domestic terrorist plot, it was actually the FBI informant himself that came up with the idea, and then convinced the small group of morons he had infiltrated to move forward with it.

    "Hey you guys, let's blow up a bridge. That'll teach 'em we're a force to be reckoned with." Followed shortly thereafter by, "Hey, I know a guy who can get us some explosives."

    I suspect there was at least one and perhaps several FBI informants in this particular group of idiots that did pretty much the same thing. I do not believe your Commie governor was ever in any real danger.

  3. Do you REALLY think that the Female Body Inspectors would take time off from sabotaging the Trump administration- their number one job- to plan a kidnapping of a governor of an important swing state ? That is SO CRAZY- crazy enough to be TRUE. And carried out so sloppily that it has their FINGERPRINTS all over it. FINGERPRINTS. LOL


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