Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Make it visual

The map-board is now posted at the hunting lease.

The map shows 2' topographical graduations and is printed on a 16" square of "bumper-sticker" stock. It is mounted on a galvanized, steel sheet so magnets will stick

The requirement is that if you are hunting on the property that you must put the magnet with your avatar on the stand or location you will be hunting.

Every hunter must do that before they go afield.

Every hunter must move his magnet back to the bottom after they leave the field.

The "bumper-sticker" was printed by Eric Mergener. Eric can be reached at  I thought the cost was very reasonable at about $50. The map-board is on the north side of the shed and should last for more than a decade.

The avatars

These stickers will be put on 1" magnets to create the movable avatars.

So far various hunters chose meatballs, pancakes, pineapple, the pickle, the cool-guy broccoli. I believe I will choose the Big Cheese.


  1. That is a great Idea to keep everyone safe.

  2. Good idea unless the deer learn to read it. --ken

  3. Great idea. We just used a grid and you 'signed in' to a particular stand location that was marked.


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