Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Home-field advantage: Lessons

Please feel free to correct me or add to the list.

The group in possession of the territory will have a huge advantage IF they invest time, energy and resources into its defense.

Barbed wire is your friend. It is devastating to aggressors who never encountered it before. It buys time if they have.

Water cannons are your friends. These are not new-tech.

Exploit the environment when you can (temperature).

Use light to your advantage.

Shallow kill-sacks or fire-zones to reduce the chances of blue-on-blue.

Interlocking fields-of-fire are your friend.

Elevation can be your friend as long as you have several egress plans.

You will have to win in four courts to prevail: You must win in the court of Newtonian physics. You must win in the legal court. You must win in the media circus and you must win in the court of public opinion.

There will be times when the Rule-of-Three-Ss applies.

There will be times when one-shot-and-escape-to-fight-another-day is your best option.

Your weapon-of-choice has an optimum range relative to your opponents'. Understand what that range is, plan-and-execute the battle to keep you at that optimum range.

Get inside your opponent's O-O-D-A. That is how Brad's forces flushed Colton's forces into the Claymore's kill-zones.

A relatively small number of capable fighters are often better than a mass of wannabes who step on each other's toes.

Only hits count.

Even "low value" assets can be useful as eyes-and-ears.

Shield your highest leverage assets. Alex screwed up when he left his water-cannon operators exposed.

The enemy will adapt. You will lose if you do not.

There are people nominally on the "other side" who are sympathetic to your plight. Those fire-hoses feeding the water cannons didn't sprout out of the ground. Somebody sympathetic to your side "misplaced them".

The side of order and private property have all the tools we need EXCEPT "leaders" who to refuse to use those tools.

The speculation in the story was that species like Schroom and Cunningham could be found in very specific niches within the ecosystem. It is like fishing for catfish in a deep hole on the outside of a steep bend in a river or fishing for smallmouth bass where the rocks are the size of hens' eggs or larger. Schroom was one-layer-of-separation from the Deep State but very close to a huge income stream. Cunningham live in the cracks within a large corporation.


  1. All valid, and yes, pols, etc. ARE out there, figuring they can blend in and not be noticed...

  2. Plan and implement defense in depth, each layer buys time for the ones behind it.

    Observe behind the leading edge/contact zone to identify the organizers/nexus points for information and control.

  3. Razor wire is better, but not as easy to procure quickly.

  4. I juust reread this entire sequence.

    Very. Well. Done.

  5. Don't ignore transport/logistics. Disabling the buses then burning out the parked cars did long-term damage to the Marxists.

    High value targets (like Ethan at the end) can have a major impact. I doubt there were many more firebombs thrown after he was eliminated.

  6. Re "one shot and scoot". Read "Fry the Brain" for an interesting account of how the IRA managed to operate for so long against the British.

  7. Be prepared to react violently enough, fast enough and without hesitation once you have committed to the decision.

  8. A big thank-you to everybody who read the series and contributed.

    Much of what I wrote about was outside my areas-of-expertise and I got a LOT of help.

    Again, thanks...and let's hope it stays fiction.


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