Friday, October 9, 2020

Fake News Friday: EPA sues State of California for air pollution

In a double body-blow, the EPA filed two law suites against the State of California for violating air pollution standards.

The first suite specifically mentions California regulations that prohibited the management of fuel-loading.

That filing was expected.

The filing that came out-of-the-blue was the EPA decision to classify water-vapor as a pollutant. That decision builds directly upon the ruling that carbon dioxide is a pollutant based on the fact computer models link CO2 levels and climate. Reviewing those models, a college intern from Boise State observed that water vapor was included in the computer models as well.

If California had properly managed H2O vapor emissions, these wildfires would have been much easier to contain and fewer frogs and turtles would have been endangered as a result.

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  1. They're gonna need a bigger pool cover for the Pacific Ocean!


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